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Cardboard box for storage and transportation of dietary supplements

Biologically active additives are in great demand among USA consumers. Indeed, with proper selection and use of dietary supplements, they can improve well-being and prevent the development of serious diseases. To ensure proper conditions for the transportation and storage of dietary supplements, high-quality custom cardboard display boxes is used; you can buy it in USA and UK.

Features of packaging for dietary supplements

As in the case of other categories of goods, two types of packaging are used for packaging biologically active additives – a shipping container designed to deliver consignments of goods to warehouses and points of sale and a consumer container designed to sell products.

Usually, manufacturers and suppliers choose four-valve containers made of three-layer corrugated board as shipping packaging. 

If dietary supplements are supplied in glass or plastic containers, cardboard inserts are provided inside the box, which divides it into individual cells. Thus, the products are protected from contact with each other during transportation, unloading and loading, and subsequent damage. At the time of delivery, the valves of the boxes are connected with packing tape.

Plastic or glass jars and cardboard boxes are a consumer or individual packaging. The latter is used more often for outer packaging. The reason is the eco-friendly composition and safety of the container for the environment.

The packaging product is drawn up following the current legislation standards and must contain complete information about the product, composition, and application features. In addition, the cardboard box is a full-fledged means of protecting the buyer from counterfeit products by applying holographic signs.

All information is printed in USA, and the text should be easy to read, understandable, and accessible; if the product is foreign-made, the translation should be done as correctly as possible. 

Box design rules

Under the technical regulations of the Customs Union, the following information must be present on the packaging box:

  • The name of the biologically active additive.
  • The composition of the drug.
  • Product properties.
  • Date of manufacture.
  • Best before date.
  • Storage conditions.
  • Calorie content.
  • The number of products.
  • Mode of application.
  • Side effects.
  • Contraindications.
  • Information about the manufacturer.
  • Information about the importer.
  • GMO content data.
  • Dosage recommendations.
  • Registration certificate number.

A mandatory requirement indicates that the dietary supplement is not a drug.

Suppose all of the above requirements are not considered when designing the package. In that case, representatives of regulatory authorities may confiscate the batch of biologically active additives, and penalties will be imposed on the owner.

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