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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes For Storing Bijouterie And Jewelry

High-quality bijouterie and precious jewelry is a gift anyone will be happy with. To make the surprise truly spectacular, rings, earrings, chains, pendants, and bracelets are packed in stylish corrugated cardboard boxes made according to the customer’s sketch or developed by the designers of the packaging manufacturer. You can order jewelry packaging boxes on our website.

Features and varieties of jewelry boxes

Boutiques, showrooms, private jewelers, gift shops, and sellers selling jewelry via the Internet often turn to manufacture packaging for costume jewelry and jewelry.

The client can choose the box’s shape, size, design, color options, and post-printing design when ordering packaging products.

It is also essential that the jewelry box contains a cradle to hold the piece in place. This ensures the protection of the contents from damage and the aesthetic component for demonstrating the goods in the window.

Micro-corrugated cardboard produces compact jewelry packaging; larger boxes are made from three-layer corrugated cardboard.

The most popular are the following designs:

  • Two-piece box “lid-bottom” with a removable top. A classic of jewelry packaging art, which is suitable for packaging pendants, rings, and bracelets. The upper part of the package can be decorated with craft paper, fabric, and ribbons.
  • Box casket with a hinged lid. Ideal for rings, necklaces, chains, brooches, and other jewelry.
  • Boxes with a removable lid and bulwark give the product great solidity.
  • Pencil boxes. The inside of the package slides out, revealing to the recipient the piece of jewelry placed on a decorated cradle.
  • Boxes-cases with a hinged lid and a square or rectangular lock.

As tools for decorating a packaging product, we use:

  • The full-color piece is on a smooth cardboard surface.
  • Lamination is the application of a thin film on cardboard, which increases the strength and moisture resistance of the material, as well as emphasizes the color palette.
  • Varnishing. With the help of printing varnish, you can get a smooth glossy, or matte surface and use both textures.
  • Embossing with or without foil. Embossing gives the packaging volume, often used in creating packaging for luxury goods.
  • Foiling.

The development and production of jewelry packaging boxes are carried out with constant interaction with the customer. After creating a digital mock-up, the client can receive a test copy of the packaging product without printing it in full size to evaluate the quality of the product.

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