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How can poor packaging cause delays in package delivery?

The postal or courier service is responsible for the safety of the parcels. Therefore, when receiving shipments, an employee of the carrier company checks the compliance of the packaging with the established requirements. How much a postal box for a parcel costs depends on its size, load capacity, and the place where the container is bought. The price of box transport organizations is noticeably higher than the cost of products ordered from the corrugated packaging manufacturer. Therefore, online stores and enterprises that send goods to points of sale purchase packaging in bulk from the factory.

Consequences of using poor quality postal packaging

The goods pass through several sorting centers on the way to the consumer. At each stage, the carrier’s employees check the container’s integrity, and if they find a defect, they repack the product. As a result, the order arrives at the recipient later than planned, which causes fair dissatisfaction.

According to opinion polls, 30% of buyers who received goods with a delay and damaged packaging prefer to order products from other sellers in the future. To avoid losing customers, you should carefully choose the container, taking into account the characteristics of the products being sent.

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • the weight of the goods;
  • box strength;
  • the position of the load inside the box.

If packing boxes are ordered directly from the manufacturer, the designers calculate the tare parameters based on the potential weight of the cargo. When the carrying capacity of the box is insufficient, the bottom may not withstand loading/unloading, and the goods will fall with all possible consequences.

Insufficiently strong walls of the box run the risk of being unable to withstand longitudinal and transverse compression and mechanical and vibrational effects. It is important that the container can protect the contents from dust and debris and keep it from fading under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

The location of goods in packing boxes is no less important in forming postal items. Impacts against the walls deform unstable packaged products that move during transport and can also cause damage to neighboring goods. Therefore, if the employee who receives the parcel misses the unfixed goods, the goods will be returned to the sender at the first sorting point, and the recipient will face an annoying delay. To avoid trouble, it is necessary to use additional materials for sealing – bubble wrap, loose fillers, wrapping paper, adhesive tape, and lodgements.

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