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How To Choose Sandwich Packaging

Choosing the right packaging for your sandwiches is important to ensure their safety and present the food in the best possible light. Experts who manufacture containers know what the packaging for ready-to-go meals, including sandwiches, should be.

Criteria for choosing a packaging product

When choosing cardboard sandwich boxes, you need to focus on several criteria.

Size and shape

The packaging must fit the sandwich’s shape and be large enough to fit inside without falling out. 

Type of packaging

Depending on the type of sandwich and the method of its preparation, you can choose the following types of packaging:

  • A light and transparent film can highlight the contents of the sandwich well. The advantages of film are its availability and low cost, as well as its ability to protect the sandwich from external moisture. At the same time, a hot dish covered with film loses its pleasant crunchiness and freshness. Plus, polyethylene pollutes the environment, so it can be negatively perceived by people who advocate maintaining an environmental balance on the planet.
  • Paper bags that are suitable for sandwiches with dense fillings. A good packaging option that provides ease of handling food and does not require enormous purchase costs.
  • Cardboard boxes for dishes with rich fillings and an abundance of sauces. These are often prefabricated boxes with a hinged lid, making them ideal for a quick snack.
  • Fast food containers are perfect for sandwiches generously seasoned with sauces or dressings.
  • Plastic containers. Suitable for dishes complemented with salad or fries. Plastic is lightweight, convenient, and protects well from leaks, but can be environmentally unsafe. Therefore, when choosing plastic containers, pay attention to products made from recycled materials.

Thermal insulation and moisture resistance

If the dish contains sauces or liquid fillings, choosing packaging that prevents leakage and retains heat is important.

Ease of use

The packaging must be easy to use for customers. For example, fast food containers with convenient lids and ventilation holes can make it easier to eat on the go.

The choice of packaging depends on the business concept and the type of sandwiches the company offers. It is important that the packaging ensures the safety of the dish, matches the company’s vision, and provides convenience for customers who choose your fast food.

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