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How to Increase Brand Awareness with Packaging

Individual packaging is not only a means of preserving the presentation and quality of a product but also a marketing tool that increases brand awareness. For example, customers turn to a pizzeria where pizza is packaged in cardboard boxes with a lid and external design much more often than to an establishment that delivers products in faceless containers. 

The role of branded packaging

An example of how thoughtful packaging design can increase sales is the story of the Australian company 19 Crimes, named after 19 real-life convicts who committed heinous crimes. 

It’s a strange story for a product, but the company’s advertising concept is amazing – the bottles had labels with photographs and information about the criminals, and by scanning the QR code, buyers could find out the story of each convict, told by himself. 

In this original way, marketers got the main thing – people started talking about the company, and buyers bought the product again and again to learn new stories. The result is a sales surge that leaves 19 Crimes’ competitors far behind.

Only some people recognize the importance of packaging in product promotion. Some manufacturers believe that the high quality of the product itself will attract many more buyers than a beautiful wrapper. However, research shows that consumers subconsciously choose a product packaged in high-quality, attractive, “appetizing” packaging, even if the price of the product is slightly higher and the quality is somewhat inferior to analogues in unattractive packaging.

Branded packaging is a means of communication between a manufacturer and a potential client, a demonstration of work about the buyer, a desire to take into account the smallest details and provide as much information as possible about the product and the company. 

When developing the packaging design, the authors take into account everything – the visual component and color scheme, recognizing the triggers of the target audience, and “bribing” the client with interesting offers and entertainment. An example is packaging that is part of a quest, quiz, or board game, QR codes that send the user to a page with a drawing, promotions, or to the virtual space, as Coca-Cola once did. 

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the company presented customers with a limited line of drinks, the cans and bottles of which had a QR code printed on them, with the help of which the user was transported to the house of the polar bears, where holiday magic reigned. 

Most importantly, branded packaging is advertising that is not annoying and costs less than ordering advertising banners and other POS materials used in marketing.

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