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How to put a logo on boxes

One of the elements of a marketing strategy is the development and proper use of a logo. Cardboard packaging with a custom logo works well as an effective advertising tool, which is remembered by consumers and forms a positive image of the company.

Methods for branding containers

There are several ways to apply a brand name to the surface of the cardboard while providing a professional and attractive appearance to the packaging structure.


Using this technique, the logo is extruded from the surface of the package, creating a tangible, raised effect. This method gives the packaging a stylish and luxurious look. When embossing, foil elements are often used – looking at the silver and gold details of the packaging; the consumer subconsciously classifies the product as a premium segment.

Digital printing

Digital printing uses special printers that print high-quality color images directly onto the packaging. This method is ideal for detailed logos and also has several other advantages:

  • It allows you to create unique and customized designs for each box, which is especially useful for personalized orders.
  • It provides a clear, high-quality logo image with detail, which is especially important for designs with fine details.
  • The ability to quickly change the design makes digital printing an excellent option for small runs or updating branded packaging quickly.
  • Suitable for producing small quantities of custom boxes, for example, for limited editions or trial orders.
  • The technology does not require the preparation of printing forms, which speeds up the production process and allows for quick production runs.
  • Suitable for the exterior of various materials, including cardboard, paper, and even textiles, providing a wide range of packaging solutions.
  • Many digital technologies use environmentally friendly inks to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

Offset printing

The image is transferred to a rubber-coated roller onto the material’s surface in offset printing.

The advantages of this method are:

  • High quality and brightness of the image.
  • Suitable for printing on various surfaces, including cardboard, corrugated cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard, and paper.
  • Allows you to work with large print runs quickly.
  • Allows the use of laminating and slim laminating.

Flexo printing

Flexo printing is performed using a flexible photopolymer printing block that transfers the design to the surface of the package. In this case, up to three colors are used for printing, not counting the base color.

Advantages of flexographic printing:

  • Efficient printing on corrugated cardboard boxes and other porous materials.
  • Great for large print runs and high-speed printing.
  • Cost-effective, especially when using insoluble dyes.
  • The logo’s application method is determined based on the circulation size and customer requests. Post-printing packaging processing can enhance the visual effect – lamination partial or complete varnishing.

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