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Is Paper Packaging Safe For Food?

Plastic is affordable and very durable. These are the main reasons why we have been using this material for decades. But as the world chokes on non-biodegradable waste, governments and businesses have no choice but to switch to a greener alternative: paper.

The transition from plastic to paper has been going on for the past few years. More than 70 countries have already introduced a total or partial ban on using plastic bags as food packaging material. Paper of various brands and compositions is replacing plastic. USA food manufacturers, supermarkets, and marketplace sellers actively use paper instead of plastic.

This brings us to the next big question: is it safe to use paper for food packaging boxes? Or rather, like this: is all paper safe for direct contact with food?

A recent report by BEUC (European Consumer Organisation) states that some cardboard and colored paper packaging can release chemicals and toxins that contaminate food. So now the EU is reviewing its laws on “any paper” used for food packaging.

But you shouldn’t worry. We are talking about colored paper with traces of ink. Such paper often contains traces of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), chemicals with unique properties that make materials water-resistant. Traces of these chemicals can seep into food and make it unfit for consumption.

Is there an alternative? Of course! Experts recommend kraft paper as the safest for food packaging. Kraft paper is a food packaging material made from wood pulp or agro-based recycled materials with zero risk of contamination. This makes the paper 100% food safe. The US, European, and USA food safety authorities have long given the green light to kraft paper used in food packaging.

Compared to standard paper, kraft paper is more durable, recyclable, and reusable. In addition, this waterproof and oil-resistant packaging simplifies the packaging of a range of products. These characteristics make kraft bags the ideal and most environmentally friendly choice for food suppliers.

You can order kraft bags in small or large wholesale in the Zee Custom Boxes. For many years, we have been supplying premium-class paper bags and packaging materials made from natural materials throughout USA & Europe. Zee Custom Boxes produces kraft paper food bags at a nominal price, keeping the perspective of the USA market and the packaging industry.

Our clients include food manufacturers, retail outlets, food delivery services, restaurants, and other organizations with similar requirements. They regularly order wholesale kraft paper packaging from us and receive it quickly after placing the order. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the range of Zee Custom Boxes and choose the best option for your business!

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