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Modern Technologies For Decorating Boxes

Cardboard packaging has long ceased to be just a means for transporting goods to the consumer. Today, the packaging is the face of the company, which distinguishes the product from analogs. Companies making out that production of custom cardboard boxes to order prefer products that are decorated using various printing techniques.

How the image is applied to corrugated packaging

When choosing a product, most buyers look at products packed in high-quality corrugated packaging. For people, this is a sign of the manufacturer’s reliability – since he did not stint on a beautiful wrapper, the contents must be of high quality, not to mention that stylish boxes are often used in houses and apartments.

Manufacturers producing corrugated packaging use several technologies for applying images to cardboard:

  • Offset printing. The essence of the technique is to apply a print on a large shaft, then transfer the picture to a sheet of paper. All modern printing houses use this method. It allows you to convey any shades and details of the image.
  • Flexo printing, the meaning of which is to transfer the print to the material using elastic forms.

For flexography, dyes of low viscosity are taken and easily printed on corrugated cardboard. Here, the color palette is limited compared to offset printing, but this service costs several times less. Technologists. Used to print a logo on the packaging of fast foods, shipping corrugated boxes, household chemicals, food products, building materials, and other containers.

Offset printing is often complemented by lamination, lamination, or embossing.

The first technique is to apply a picture or inscription on a unique liner tightly glued to the base – corrugated cardboard. Thanks to a modern technique, laminated boxes are extra durable, making it possible to pack bulky items such as pillows or duvets.

In addition to simple laminating, there is a slim laminating technique with soldered edges. This corrugated box is very durable. Today, gifts hidden in boxes with removable lids are popular. Such packaging can store toys, shoes, stationery, and other things. 

With the help of lamination, corrugated packaging is given additional moisture protection. The thinnest polyethylene film is applied and sealed on the material’s surface to do this. In such corrugated packaging, household appliances, cosmetics, textiles, and other goods that do not like high humidity are often sold. In addition, laminated boxes are very durable and can withstand a lot of weight.

Embossing is a sign of quality and high cost. This way of decorating the package does not require pretentiousness and bright colors. A laconic monochrome box with an embossed logo is enough to give the product the necessary gloss.

The choice of packaging design always remains with the customer. This may be a well-known corporate identity or some new solution developed by designers. A prototype box with a print is always made for the client to see and evaluate how his packaging will look live.

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