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Packaging Materials You Can’t Do Without

Collecting things during an apartment move takes a lot of time but does not endure haste. Hastily and carelessly packaged property can arrive at a new home badly damaged. In this regard, we recommend stocking up on all the necessary materials in advance: boxes, paper, film, bags, adhesive tape, and accessories.

Standard packing boxes

Making a house move with clean and durable packing boxes is only possible. There is no single formula for calculating their number. Each room needs five large, 7-8 medium, and 8-10 small boxes. Adjust these values ​​for the number of adults and children in the family, dwelling area, lifestyle, and years spent in the same house.

  • Small boxes – for small heavy items such as books, tools, and souvenirs. Works of art and items that break easily, such as dishes and glass decorations, pack in separate boxes and labeled as fragile goods.
  • Medium boxes – for clothes, toys, small appliances, kitchen utensils, electronics, etc.
  • Large boxes – for bedding, curtains, blankets, and other bulky, lightweight items.

Fill boxes to the brim, as half-empty boxes easily collapse during loading and unloading, especially when heavier items are placed above them. At the same time, do not overload – the sides of the box should not stick out, and the valves should converge entirely and quickly.

Special boxes

Packing in wardrobe boxes

Standard carton boxes may need to be stronger or shaped to protect the contents securely. Therefore, you may need special, reinforced boxes:

  • Wardrobe boxes – for easily wrinkled clothes (suits, dresses, shirts, fur coats, leather jackets), stage costumes. Pack your clothes without taking them off the hangers.
  • Reinforced utensil boxes – to protect fragile items. It is made mainly from 5-layer corrugated cardboard. Inside you can place dividers for each item.
  • Boxes for framed pictures and large mirrors are more robust than standard cardboard boxes and suitably shaped, sometimes with unique protective frames at the corners.
  • Archival boxes – for documents and folders. The advantage is that papers can be stored in them for a long time.

Bags and packages

Fold various little things in sealed plastic bags with a lock or glue valve. In vacuum bags with compression – soft bulky items such as pillows, down jackets, jackets, blankets, blankets, towels, and soft toys. Save a lot of space in your truck with them.

You can pack light items that are difficult to damage in bags. But remember that polyethylene is slippery, so filled bags are more difficult to carry, stow and secure in the van. In addition, they tear easily, so they do not guarantee complete protection for things.

Cushioning and insulation materials

Using stretch film

Wrapping paper and bubble wrap will be needed to absorb vibrations and shocks and protect things from shifting inside the boxes. Use them to line the bottom of boxes and create insulating layers between fragile items: plates, cups, electronic devices, etc. You can also wrap the protruding legs and handles of furniture with foil. The paper additionally serves as an excellent shock-absorbing filler for boxes.

Packing furniture, fastening objects together, and fixing paper with an experimental stretch film when moving an apartment is convenient. Adhering to such a film does not leave marks on the surface.

Adhesive tape, rope

You will need many adhesive tapes to firmly glue boxes, close bags, and fix wrapping paper or film. Be careful not to stick it directly on painted or varnished surfaces.

You can tie stacks of books, boxes, and bags with hemp or jute twine. Stronger polypropylene twine will help fix the boxes in the van.

Packaging accessories

Your apartment move will be significantly simplified by practical accessories that will be at hand:

  • Tape dispenser. Significantly speeds up the work. Instead of looking for the end of a roll of tape repeatedly or accidentally sticking it to your fingers, you can assemble boxes and pack quickly and effortlessly.
  •  Stationery knife. A sharp tool that efficiently cuts cardboard, rope, any film, or paper.
  •  Permanent markers. Even if you stocked up on all the necessary information stickers, a marker would be handy, as it will help you indicate additional information on the boxes.

ZEE Custom Boxes is a reliable supplier of materials, boxes for things, and packaging accessories. We help you make the right decisions when moving to any city.

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