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Packaging Requirements For Bakery Products

When choosing packaging for bakery products, it is important to ensure the product’s safety and follow the service requirements strictly. Cardboard boxes for baked items are ordered directly from the manufacturer, comply with all regulations and standards, and have food approval, so they are used most often.

What kind of packaging should be used for baking?

The material for the production of baking boxes is three-layer corrugated cardboard or micro-corrugated cardboard (for individual packaging). The container must meet the following requirements.

Product Safety

Corrugated cardboard and micro-corrugated cardboard are made from a mixture of primary and secondary cellulose fibers, do not have a specific odor or harmful impurities, and do not lose their characteristics when in contact with hot baked goods.

Keeping baked goods fresh

Corrugated packaging boxes provide reliable protection from external influences – moisture, sunlight, dust, and weathering- allowing you to maintain the freshness of bakery products throughout the entire shelf life.

Durability and protection from mechanical impact

Corrugated cardboard boxes are strong enough to prevent mechanical damage and deformation of the product during transportation and sale in stores.

Aesthetics and branding

An attractive design and logo increase product recognition and can influence a consumer’s purchasing decision. Baked goods packaged in boxes with an exclusive external design evoke trust and interest among buyers and are subconsciously perceived as being of higher quality.

Environmental friendliness

Using environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging has been a trend in recent decades. In this case, customized cardboard boxes outperform all alternative options.

Ease of use

Corrugated boxes are easily stacked, opened, and closed, equipped with slotted handles for easy carrying, and, if necessary, supplemented with a reinforced bottom, ventilation holes, and other details. 

Product Information

The cardboard surface is perfect for printing product information, including composition, production date, expiration date, storage recommendations, and other necessary details.


Corrugated cardboard has good adhesion to adhesive stickers, which is important for properly labeling and identifying goods. 

Compliance with standards and requirements

Cardboard bakery boxes meet legal requirements, safety standards, and other regulations.

Packaging boxes ordered from the manufacturer meet all the listed conditions and have certificates confirming the quality and the possibility of using the container to deliver, store, and sell bakery products.

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