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Order Custom Brown Boxes Packaging At Wholesale In USA

Small Brown Boxes

Custom Boxes to order are always in demand for manufacturers of any products and goods. Especially if you need to make a small amount of packaging from cardboard/kraft/corrugated & Rigid, savings and optimization are very much in demand today. Zee Custom Boxes printing house produces custom brown boxes, including small batches. Many manufacturers of goods, trade, and service organizations order custom brown packaging made of cardboard or kraft or with a unique design in small runs, thereby saving effort and money.

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Why Brown Boxes Packaging With Us?

First, we love making boxes.

Secondly, we have been doing this for many years already – and we know everything about this process.

Thirdly, we will speak to you in a language you understand and share our experience. We are proud of long-term relationships with regular customers. The cases of our clients on the right will give a complete answer to the question “Why us”?

Small Brown Boxes wholesale
small brown gift boxes packaging

Our printing house Zee Custom Boxes offers all clients:

  • Boxes to order in small runs;
  • Boxes to order with individual designs;
  • Preparation of the layout by our experienced designers;
  • Make boxes to order from 50 pcs.
  • Consultation of our managers at all stages of production.
  • Free design & Shipping
  • Turnaround Time 5-7 Business days

The preferred production method for ordering custom brown box packaging is cardboard cutting. This will undoubtedly help you to produce the desired products with high quality.

Zee Custom Boxes company offers a service for the production of custom brown boxes. Changing the size of standard boxes, developing non-standard individual designs, and applying logos to order are possible.


The full production cycle – from the manufacture of corrugated cardboard to the assembly of boxes – reduces the time and financial costs of the client. The technical park includes only powerful European and reliable equipment. The obvious advantages are productivity, impeccable quality, and the absence of defects. Own printing house is equipped with machines for offset, digital printing of logos, and silk-screen printing.

Stages of creating boxes and other custom-made brown packaging boxes

  • Design. 

    We choose the type, profile, brand of material, overall dimensions, volume, shape and assembly technology, and design. When developing a design, we consider the client’s requirements and the features of transportation, storage, and disposal of cardboard packaging.

  • Base manufacturing. 

    Standard goods are made on the conveyor exclusively – manually. A unique die is required to punch out the warp based on an agreed design. At this stage, the custom brown packaging is laminated with matte and glossy films if additional protection against moisture is required. Die-cut windows and handles are also provided if needed.

  • Printing on boxes. 

    The logo is applied according to the provided layout or with preliminary design development. For branding boxes, we use offset, digital printing (if you order products in small quantities), and silk-screen printing. We carry out color proofs on the selected cardboard and approve the plotter layout before the batch is put into production to guarantee a predictable result.

  • Assembly of brown cardboard packaging. 

    After completion, we perform die-cutting, creasing, and gluing. Employees of the workshop manually push the material along the fold lines. Die-cutting is done automatically with a die-cutting die. The assembly method depends on the design of the boxes. Standard carton packaging is glued together by a hardware method, exclusive complex designs – manually.

Why do clients trust us?

We offer the production of exclusive custom brown packaging boxes- from 50 pieces in 2-5 days. As a full-cycle company, we provide 10-20% lower prices than competitors and significantly reduce the lead time. Raw materials meet hygienic standards: ready-made cardboard boxes are suitable for packaging cosmetics, medicines, children’s products, and food.

Order conditions

We invite clients from the USA, Canada, and other regions of Europe to cooperate. We provide full support from ordering brown box packaging to receiving products. Prompt delivery or free pickup is available.

Talk To Our Experts And Get Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

Talk To Our Experts And Get Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

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