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Order Custom Bakery Packaging Boxes

Custom Biscotti Boxes

Zee Custom Boxes has been manufacturing packaging for custom bakery boxes for many years. We are a direct manufacturer; we keep the best prices for our customers and offer a wide range of bakery packaging for cakes, pastries, and other bakery products—free design & shipping in the USA.

Order Packaging With Your Logo


The Printing House “Zee Custom Boxes” has its own production base. The modern equipment used on our production line and a highly qualified staff of specialists allows you to realize your most creative ideas and complex projects in the field of printing, emphasizing the individuality of your product not only with a unique design and printing effects but also through extraordinary design and technological solutions.


Design department
Design department
Printing House
Printing House
Technology Department
Technology Department
Assembly and packaging workshop
Assembly And Packaging Workshop
Logistics Center
Logistics Center

We use 3 printing technologies

For vibrant packaging and better results

Digital Printing

We print on a printer that allows you to apply an unlimited number of colors to custom bakery packaging.
Digital printing is comparatively cheaper and faster!

Offset printing

Offset Printing

In offset printing, the pattern is applied to cardboard-Rigid-Kraft – a liner, which can glued to a corrugated cardboard base.
Advantages of offset printing:

  • full color bright packaging
  • the possibility of laminating cardboard or rigid, for strength
Flexo printing

Flexo Printing

In flexo printing, ink is applied to cardboard or rigid using flexible flexo plates. Flexoforms are made in 2-3 days according to an individual design. Flexo printing allows you to use 1, 2 or 3 colors, not counting the background of the cardboard.

Execution type

Using branding, lamination, or embossing techniques, we can create unique packaging according to your design. Drawing your company logo on the substrate will serve as additional advertising.



Used to create additional strength and protection from external influences. Lamination can be glossy or matte, and it is possible to laminate cardboard with different effects (holography, metal, color). The lamination of substrates can be one-sided or two-sided.



Branding technique is used to create the presentability and originality of your branded packaging and substrate – applying a logo, brand, trademark, and any other image to the products.



The embossing on the surface of the bakery boxes gives it an original look and prevents the cake from slipping.

Types Of Structures

We offer both standard solutions for boxes and pads for bakery products of various sizes, and we also produce cardboard/corrugated packaging and pads according to your size and design. The self-assembly design of the box makes it easy and quick to assemble the package. Provides reliable protection of packaged products from damage during their transportation and storage.

Bakery box

Bakery Box

Made from micro corrugated board. It consists of a bottom and a lid, which are easy and quick to assemble. At the bottom of the box there are cutouts for secure fastening of the tape.

Bakery box with window

Bakery Box With Window

Made from micro corrugated board. The shape of the window can be rectangular, carved, heart-shaped or made according to your design. At the bottom of the box there are cutouts for secure fastening of the tape.

Box with handles

Box With Handles

Made of cellulose cardboard and can be a versatile and practical option for packaging and transporting various bakery products.

Box With Double Handles

The product is made of microcorrugated cardboard, equipped with transparent windows along the handles. The cake is placed in the packaging from the side, which eliminates the possibility of damage to the decor.

Cupcake box

Cupcake Box

Made of glossy cellulose cardboard and designed for cupcakes, muffins, cakes. The package contains an insert with holes for a cupcake cup.

Cupcake Box With Window

The bakery box is made of glossy cellulose cardboard with a transparent window and is designed for cupcakes, muffins, pastries. The package contains a lodgment with a hole for a cupcake.


Our equipment produces custom bakery packaging products in the following colors:

Packaging colors

Packaging colors

Packaging colors for custom bakery packaging boxes are mainly white, black and kraft. It is possible to execute packaging in any custom color according to your unique design.

Our Advantages As A Direct Manufacturer

Production speed

Production Speed

The presence of modern equipment, gives us the opportunity to produce products in the shortest possible time.

Best Price

Best Price

The exclusion of intermediaries and work directly makes it possible to provide the most favorable cost.

Delivery speed

Delivery Speed

In USA & Europe within 5-7 days from the date of issue.

Custom Printed Bakery Boxes Packaging With Logo | Wholesale Prices

The sanitary requirements that apply to bakery products imply strict adherence to special rules for their transportation and storage. For cakes, pastries, and other bakery products to retain their freshness, taste, and original appearance, they are placed in unique custom bakery boxes.

You can buy boxes for bakery items from the company “Zee Custom Boxes.” We offer our customers a wide range of products and attractive terms of cooperation.

We produce boxes for the bakery, cardboard boxes for pastries, and cakes of any size and shape, with drawings and company logos. It is possible to produce both standard types of packaging and non-standard ones with ears and niches for laying cutlery, sauces, and napkins.

Our packaging for food delivery services is made from environmentally friendly materials that are absolutely safe for you and your customers. Corrugated cardboard, from which packaging for bakery is made, does not emit harmful substances, including under the influence of steam and heating.

Custom bakery boxes with logo have an attractive appearance and can serve as an inexpensive, effective advertisement.

We Make Custom Printed Bakery Boxes.

We offer high-quality and beautiful custom bakery packaging for cakes, pastries, cupcakes, gingerbread, pies, and sweets. We produce boxes for bakeries and cafes and restaurants, pizzerias, and fast food companies to deliver products from shopping centers and supermarkets. 

You can order production of boxes for cakes in the bulk of any shape:

  • Rectangular;
  • Square;
  • triangular etc.

You can buy custom-printed bakery boxes from us, made according to an individual design, non-standard sizes, and geometry, with the possibility of applying a logo and any other images that increase brand awareness. 

Reliable, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly boxes will help to present products in the best way, provide optimal storage conditions and protect the goods during transportation. Products can be heated – there is no risk of release of substances harmful to health. Custom-made bakery boxes are relevant for food outlets where food is to be taken out. Good cardboard packaging with a logo is ideal for baking while at the same time acting as an advertising tool. 

You can buy bakery packaging boxes from us at a bargain price in the USA. They are also suitable for transporting cheesecakes, pies, and other pastries that are inconvenient to transport in a bag. 

Advantages of our packaging:

  • Thermal resistance. Protects products from hypothermia;
  • Durability – the risk of tearing the packaging and dust ingress during transportation is excluded;
  • Environmental friendliness. Recyclable, biodegradable;
  • Presentable look. The ability to keep the shape for a long time;
  • Optimum density. The form of baking is preserved;
  • Compactness. Occupy a minimum of space in the warehouse;
  • They have quality and safety certificates.

Functions of Custom Bakery Packaging

Custom Bakery boxes solve several problems:

  • Protect their contents from moisture, damage, adverse weather conditions, and the penetration of microorganisms.
  • Simplify the transfer from a warehouse to a trading floor or transportation over a long distance.
  • It makes storage easy as boxed products are easy to categorize and stack.
  • Allows you to apply the necessary markings.
  • Many products perform a decorative function. Boxes can be painted with patterns complemented by beautiful elements; a drawing is applied to them without problems.

Assortment of Modern Packaging

Each type of bakery item requires its own unique packaging. We produce a variety of products, and you can buy personalized bakery boxes in different shapes and sizes:

  • For cakes. Tall, round, or square with a blind or transparent lid. And since the cake is a festive treat, it’s packaging often has an elegant appearance.
  • For cakes. A small box of thick, high-quality food cardboard is equipped with partitions and a transparent lid.
  • For cookies and gingerbread. Cardboard packaging usually has a lid with a figure or rectangular transparent window.
  • For cupcakes. Custom bakery boxes made of thick ordinary or corrugated cardboard with a transparent lid and individual cells at the bottom are used for storage and transportation.

In the catalog, you will find a varied selection of cardboard packaging designed for storing bakery items. It will help to preserve the taste of products and present them favorably. You can buy a variety of bakery boxes at the best wholesale price.

What to Look For When Buying?

When choosing a suitable box for the bakery, you should pay attention to a few points:

  • Material. One of the most popular natural materials from which boxes are made is cardboard. We produce custom bakery packaging boxes from ordinary or corrugated cardboard. It differs in durability, environmental friendliness, and attractive design.
  • Appointment. For different pastries & cakes, a special type of bakery packaging is suitable, which differs in shape, size, filling, and appearance.
  • Decorative design. Cardboard is easily decorated with drawings and cutting, so retro fans and eco-style supporters choose cardboard packaging.
  • We also offer Kraft, Cardstock & Rigid Materials for Custom Bakery Boxes Wholesale.

We sell our products, and you can purchase our high-quality products at affordable prices with free delivery in the USA and the region. You can also order packaging with or without a window. We are glad to cooperate with new customers and highly appreciate our regular customers. We offer to buy bakery boxes in bulk at the best price in the USA. We guarantee prompt delivery of orders. Call us for more details!

Talk To Our Experts And Get Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

Talk To Our Experts And Get Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

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