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High-quality production of business cards of any circulation, design and type

  1. Urgent printing of business cards in the required circulation
  2. Various types of paper, cardboard, kraft, card stock to choose from
  3. Advanced printing methods (UV, varnishing, embossing, etc.)
  4. According to your layouts or trust our designers
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A business card is an important business tool for a company or individual. It will help create a first impression, introduce you, and be the beginning of cooperation. This is the most inexpensive type of advertising, but at the same time, no less effective.

At Zee Custom Boxes, our highly trained professionals will help you create your unique business card, offering different types of paper and cardboard and production, such as digital printing, embossing, and even designing, if you have any difficulties.

It should be noted that the company ZCB provides a price grid that is interesting for large customers. You can order business cards for a company or organization at desirable prices – in bulk. Free consultation!

Business Cards Design – Creating Your Business Image.

Design can say a lot about a company or enterprise. The quality level indicates the business structure’s solidity, credibility, and seriousness. Therefore, you must be very careful and responsible in developing a business card design. Indeed, your target audience’s representatives “get acquainted” with the company through a business card and form a particular opinion about your products or services. Therefore, trust experienced and talented specialists in this matter, and the result will exceed all your expectations!

Design of Business Cards: Original, Spectacular And Thought Out To The Smallest Detail

The designers of the Zee Custom Boxes Printing House are high-level specialists who solve problems of any complexity and take their work as responsibly as possible. Look at a photo of a business card design for any of our clients and see for yourself. We can implement works of any complexity – up to the production of business cards on designer paper, the price of which can surprise even the most demanding customers.

By ordering the design, printing, and post-printing, you will receive a high-quality printing product that will become an effective tool for promoting your company and enhancing its image. Our designers offer three layout options with the possibility of further deep study of one of them – to choose from. We design business cards as part of a set of works to create a corporate identity for a company or separately.

What Is A Business Card: The Importance Of Its Design And Price

In quantitative terms, business cards are the most popular printing product. Every day, the office of the ZCB Printing House designs and prints business cards with a circulation of 50 to several thousand copies.

A business card is a carrier of helpful information about an employee, community, or company that a person represents. The most common business card format in the USA is 90*50 mm. In different countries of the world, business cards can be slightly larger or slightly smaller. Sometimes business cards are printed in A8 printing format – 74 * 52 mm or in credit card format – 85.6 * 54 mm.

The vast majority of business cards are made from printing paper of varying degrees of density.

Conventionally, all business cards can be divided into three types:

  • Personal – can be helpful for informal communication;
  • Business – contain contact details of a particular person;
  • Corporate – emphasize the belonging of the owner of the company or brand.  

High-quality custom-made business cards are not just black and white or colored rectangles with text and a picture. The information component is important, but there are others. The main thing for clients of the ZCB Printing House is not only to tell the interlocutor or potential business partner their name, phone number, and e-mail address. It is much more important to link contact details with information about your activities or the brand you are promoting. In this regard, we consider business cards an indispensable element of corporate style. And this requires that the business card design be implemented at the highest level of quality, with strict adherence to technical, design, and marketing principles and rules. In addition to placing the listed contact information, we try without fail to:

  • Put the company logo on the business card;
  • Keep the business card in corporate colors;
  • Indicate the website and the actual address of the company on the business card;
  • Capaciously reveal the scope of the company or enterprise.

A high-quality business card design tells a lot about its owner and the company it represents. A unique design department handles the development of business card layouts in the Zee Custom Boxes Printing House. Its staff includes employees who specialize in various printing and post-press technologies. Business cards made in the Zee Custom Boxes Printing House are single-sided and double-sided, matte and glossy. The cost of a business card design with us is very cheap, depending on the complexity of the technical task. Our designers can carry out work from scratch or adapt a ready-made layout provided by the customer.

Thus, the business card also becomes a full-fledged advertising medium with increased requirements for printing quality. We always recommend our customer’s order the production of business cards on designer paper, especially since the price of work at the Zee Custom Boxes is very favorable compared to competitors.

The cost of manufacturing business cards depends on the circulation, type of printing (offset or digital, on one or both sides), materials used, and types of work performed. Usually, for the manufacture of business cards, you need:

  • Make a business card design and layout (performed “from scratch” or according to a sketch or graphic file proposed by the customer using the company’s brand book, if any);
  • Print business cards on modern printing equipment (single-sided or double-sided, digital or offset);
  • Carry out post-print processing of business cards, during which the uncut sheet with printed cards is varnished, laminated, and subjected to relief processing;
  • Implement cutting the sheet into ready-made business cards with their subsequent packaging in blocks.

The last operation is performed manually when ordering a small number of business cards. If we are talking about a large circulation, then the packaging is done by machine.C

Our 5-Step Order Process


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Provide your certain layout, pattern, image artwork or any logo.


When you finalize the custom design then you will get an confirmation of email.


Our team will produce your customized business cards according to your exclusive designs.


You will get your order within two weeks after your confirmation.

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