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Let's Make Cardboard Boxes To Order

Your Products in your unique boxes

Your products in your unique boxesWe will study your product thoroughly

Your products in your unique boxesWe will develop the optimal design for your product

Your products in your unique boxesLet’s draw a print layout design

Your products in your unique boxesWe will make and deliver a free sample

Your products in your unique boxesWe will produce and deliver custom size cardboard boxes just in time

Let's Make Cardboard Boxes To Order

Production Of Custom Cardboard Boxes To Order

Cardboard is one of the most valuable, reliable and inexpensive packaging materials. Therefore, cardboard boxes are most often chosen for packaging various kinds of goods. Lightweight and reliable corrugated boxes are the best option for storing and transporting products, shoes, electronics, household appliances, cosmetics, medical, perfumery, etc.

ZEE Custom Boxes company produces custom made cardboard boxes of any design and size to order. Our experts will help you choose the best option for packing a standard form and, if necessary, develop a design for an individual order.

Personalized Cardboard boxes to order are an opportunity to get exclusive, beautiful, high-quality packaging. It will ensure the maximum safety of products during storage and transportation. We will select the optimal cardboard type for density, thickness, thermal insulation properties, and other characteristics.

Product packaging is also a kind of “visiting card” of the brand because it is used to judge the manufacturer and his products. Cardboard boxes wholesale manufactured by ZEE Custom Boxes will become an excellent advertising medium and emphasize the consumer advantages of the product.

Why Order Cheap Cardboard Boxes From Us?

We have been making customized packaging boxes for over 10 years. Our company is the leader in the production of corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging in the USA. The technical capabilities of the ZEE Custom Boxes make it possible to produce large and small boxes of various designs.

We do not just produce custom cardboard boxes but create ready-made solutions for packaging goods
—the range of services includes developing packaging design and layout design for printing. When working
on a project, we take into account a group of factors, including niche features, product characteristics, and
brand positioning strategy.

An integrated approach to work allows us to create convenient custom-printed cardboard boxes for our customers’ products. We offer related products: bubble wrap, stretch film, branded adhesive tape, cut corrugated cardboard filler, wrapping paper, protective corners.

Boxes in 4 Easy Steps

Contacting ZEE Custom Boxes

Manager’s Consultation

Development And Production of Containers

Receiving An Order

Boxes in 4 Easy Steps

We Will Produce Just In Time

We Develop Design And Construction

We Will Deliver A Free Sample

Best Packaging Solutions


Make the packaging you need. Under the order, under your production. Not from a warehouse, not ready, but the one you need. Under your requirement. Dimensions, design, material, design, quantity. If you have not made cardboard boxes yet, we will develop a plan, select the material, and show and tell. You can also independently get acquainted with the main types of structures and types of boxes according to materials and independently calculate the cost of circulation in the calculator. We are a full-cycle printing house. We work with all kinds of cardboard. We produce any circulation, 1-50pcs or 50-100000pcs.



We approach the task of creating your packaging in a comprehensive manner: from creating an image to a finished modern product



You place a request on the website or by phone about the need for packaging.


We get the primary data for calculating the cost of packaging: size, design, the weight of the investment, and circulation.


We inform and discuss the cost of circulation.


Our specialists come to your office and discuss all the nuances and mandatory conditions.



A design layout and a construction layout are being developed. At this stage, it is possible to correct the design and construction.


The work’s final cost is discussed, an advance payment is made, and contracts and layouts (color proof) are signed.


Packaging products are manufactured and delivered to the address indicated by the customer.


A final settlement is being made.

Not Sure What Design Is Needed For
Packaging Your Product?

We will conduct a short survey about your product in order to offer the ideal package design

Why Choose Custom Cardboard Boxes From ZEE Custom Boxes

Prices are lower than competitors!

Thanks to our production of cardboard boxes, we can set product prices. Send a competitor’s offer, and we will agree on a lower price for you!

Any size

We produce cardboard boxes in bulk of the most popular sizes, and we can also make boxes of individual sizes and shapes on request.

There is a system of discounts.

We offer discounts for our regular customers and free delivery in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia & Other European Countries.

Short time

Our production capacities allow us to make circulation in a short time.



We make custom corrugated cardboard boxes with your company logo. The production of such boxes begins with the manufacture of corrugated cardboard – it can be of different types: two-, three-, and five-layer. Depending on the type of corrugated cardboard, the packaging characteristics also change. On our website, you can choose the parameters and the desired number of boxes and calculate the final cost using a calculator.

If necessary, our experts will help you with the choice. Depending on the purpose of the packaging, we select the optimal brand of corrugated cardboard, color, and the design and construction of the future box.

In addition to production, we will quickly produce and deliver you even a large circulation of corrugated cardboard boxes.

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