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Order Custom Cosmetic Boxes Packaging At Wholesale Prices In the USA

For any product, packaging is an important element. If cosmetic items and sets act as a product, then the superiority and uniqueness of the product will be ideally emphasized by stylish packaging for cosmetics made to order according to your preferences. Zee Custom Boxes is ready to make worthy eco-friendly custom cosmetic packaging boxes for your cosmetics, which will not only please the consumer, but also allow you to stand out among similar products from other brands

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Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes | Wholesale Prices

When choosing cosmetics or perfume, the buyer always, first of all, pays attention to the packaging. We cosmetic packaging manufacturers are well aware of this. What is interesting about packaging for cosmetics? Style and high quality have always been a hallmark of cosmetic boxes – an integral part of the brand’s popularity and successful sales.

Typically, this product is mass-produced, where an important aspect of production is the stable and identical color of the boxes.
Zee Custom Boxes has been manufacturing cosmetic packaging boxes for the cosmetics industry in the USA. With the help of modern automatic equipment operating using innovative technologies, the company carries out the following types of finishing:

  • Hot or cold stamping;
  • Shiny or matte finish;
  • Lamination, foiling;
  • Perforation, metallization;
  • Selective varnishing;
  • 3D embossing, etc.

Zee Custom Boxes is a project to create premium cosmetic packaging for various purposes for businesses and private customers.

Gift Packaging for Cosmetics And Perfumes 

Zee Custom Boxes offers its services in manufacturing Packaging for cosmetics. We are ready to make both an exclusive, expensive product and a budget option. Various materials and designs allow you to create an original, high-quality, easy-to-use product. 

Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Functions

Cosmetics are not placed in a box to hide them from the eyes of the buyer. Beautiful and bright Packaging is designed to draw the buyer’s attention to a particular product to distinguish it from similar ones. Shelves of cosmetic stores are full of bright colors. It is important to design the appearance of the product in such a way as to emphasize its features.

Functions of the box in which cosmetics are placed:

  • Increasing brand awareness and encouraging interest in it;
  • Drawing attention to products;
  • Protection of goods from damage and deterioration;
  • Stimulation of demand for a line or a specific product;
  • an incentive to make a spontaneous purchase.

Cosmetics are often chosen as the subject of corporate gifts, especially for women’s teams. The Packaging designed by the organization’s corporate identity, with notes of a festive mood, will help present the company in a favorable light and please employees.

It is also necessary to create special Packaging for limited editions of high-quality cosmetics intended for VIP clients or for certain holidays. This will increase sales, draw attention to the series, and make it stand out from the rest.

Often, manufacturers produce limited seasonal series that differ little from the main product of the line. But due to a competent marketing campaign and updated Packaging, sales increased. Designers of the Zee Custom Boxes will develop the design by the required functionality and goals of the customer.

What Cosmetic Packaging Can We Offer?

Zee Custom Boxes produces premium quality custom cosmetic boxes. Our employees will equally well produce both a structurally complex box with many compartments.

Commonly used options include:

  • Cover-bottom. A simple design of two components, one of which is the bottom, and the second is the lid.
  • Dovetail. Contains one glue point. It can be of various sizes, rectangular or square—suitable for, cosmetic sets of a low-price segment.
  • Pencil case. Good for corporate gifts. Cosmetics are laid flat along with the filler.
  • Pie. Suitable for travel perfume, lipstick, and other cosmetics.

This list of designs of cardboard boxes for goods is far from complete. You can view the proposed forms in the online order form on our website. If none of the ready-made options fit, then our designers & printing house will develop an individual box shape. We love non-standard tasks.

Laminated Boxes

An attractive cosmetic box can significantly increase sales. That is why the manufacturer should pay special attention to the creation of high-quality and original custom cosmetic Packaging for their products.

One of the most popular manufacturing methods is laminating. The production process of laminated boxes is a gluing by pressing a denser material and a thin one. 

The latter is called a “liner”. It can be a different material, but they often use coated paper or thin cardboard. The basis is a dense binding cardboard. This production technology is best suited for small cosmetic boxes. The surface is laminated or coated with UV varnish.

The scope of laminated boxes is wide. Attractive appearance and solid construction can attract attention and give the impression of a quality product.

Cardboard Cosmetic boxes, which were manufactured using the laminating method, can withstand severe loads. They are suitable for heavy, solid cosmetics. Such custom cosmetic packaging boxes also better protect against mechanical damage when moving goods.

Individual Packaging for Cosmetics And Perfumes at Zee Custom Boxes

The production of perfume products is located in a niche with fierce competition. You must constantly remember that the product should stand out from the rest, impress the potential buyer, and draw his attention to the product.

Probably no other industry makes such demands on the exclusivity and brightness of packaging as the manufacture of cosmetics and perfumes. Just one wrong detail in the design of the box can reduce sales. Therefore, the world leaders in the cosmetics market spend impressive amounts of money on decoration. Don’t be upset if your advertising budget is far from significant figures. Good design can be made available. 

Specialists in Zee Custom Boxes will be able to create for you a unique product that will perform the functions assigned to it.

An exclusive box will help to form the right image of the product. This is especially true for luxury cosmetics. Sophisticated technical execution will give expressiveness to the Custom Cosmetic Boxes. For this purpose, multi-color printing, lamination, embossing, UV varnishing are used. These possibilities can be realized in our printing house for custom-printed cosmetic boxes. We will help you to make genuinely individual packaging for cosmetics.

What Determines The Price of Custom Cosmetic Boxes For Goods

Packaging may vary. Many factors influence the price. 

Factors affecting the final cost:

  • Dimensions and density of the box. For heavy bottles, it is better to take thick binding cardboard, despite being more expensive.
  • Exquisite design costs money. Therefore, even a small cosmetic box with embossing, lamination, die-cut will cost more than an ordinary cardboard box.
  • Design features. Directly on the site, you can choose the desired shape and design. If you don’t like any of the options, then our designers will help you develop the best one, suitable for the occasion. We have been operating in this industry for more than 10 years, so we are familiar with many subtleties of our profession. We are ready to offer you practical, spectacular, minimalist or bright cosmetic boxes. We will make the perfect packaging for your product.
  • The type of print that will be used to apply the image.
  • Party size. The larger it is, the cheaper the product unit will cost.
  • The speed at which you want to release the batch. The shorter the time, the more expensive the work will cost.

Our managers will answer all remaining questions by phone at 650-710-4676 and by mail for communication at info@zeecustomboxes.com. You can select the shape, color, and value for money for your gift packaging for cosmetics.

Zee Custom Boxes is pleased to offer custom cosmetic boxes of various shapes, sizes, and designs. The beauty market is oversaturated. Only professionals in their field can make a memorable and high-quality box. Our printing house has been on the market for over 10 years. We know everything about packaging. Contact us for more details.

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