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Order Custom Food Packaging Boxes At Wholesale Rate

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Custom food boxes packaging , which is manufactured by the Zee Custom Boxes printing house, meets all sanitary and hygienic standards and has high strength and environmental friendliness. You can buy standard boxes or packages from us, as well as custom-made food boxes with a logo and information about the manufacturer, full-color printing, and decorative design.

Order Packaging With Your Logo

Development Of The Mock-up Design Of Food Boxes

Our professional design studio is ready to design a box of any kind and complexity based on your goals, budget, and ideas. Our designers can help you refine and lay out your original content. If you already have a ready-made layout of the food box, you can check it for compliance with our technical requirements or send it to us for verification.

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Production of Custom Food Boxes To Order In The USA

  • Printing and production of custom food boxes to order.
  • Any sizes of runs: from small to large.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • A wide range of ready-made box stamps.

Benefits Of Working With Us

Own production

Own Production

Packaging of food preparations from the manufacturer.
Our production works 24/7.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We offer only the best conditions to our clients. We have been working for you for many years. Offer free shipping in the USA.

Lead time 1-7 days

Design development

Custom food boxes with logo. Design and development of trademarks.

We work throughout the USA & Europe

More than 1500 customers from USA, as well as from Europe.

We take care of the design

Made 49,950 packaging designs. We show the design on a 3D layout

  • Bright selling design

We will prepare the packaging design according to your wishes

  • Branded packaging

We will develop a corporate style for a packaging design for you

  • We adapt the design for packaging

We work with all standard cardboard, Kraft, Rigid, and Corrugated boxes.

  • We work with unique designs.

We develop the design and produce custom food packaging boxes of non-standard design – bright and selling!

Custom Coffee Packaging Boxes

Production of Food Packaging Boxes in the USA

For food products to inspire confidence and be successful among buyers, care must be taken to ensure the reliability, brightness, and representativeness of their packaging.

Zee Custom Boxes offer the production of food packaging in the USA at an affordable cost. We create custom food packaging for various products that favorably identify the proposed product and attract attention with its presentability. Understanding how high the requirements for food packaging materials are, we produce Custom food boxes in maximum compliance and use high-quality food cardboard, kraft, cardstock & corrugated for packaging in our work.

Food production cannot do without packaging. Zee Custom Boxes has been producing packaging products in the USA & Canada. Today we occupy a leading position in producing paper packaging and cardboard boxes for food products; we supply our products throughout the USA and Canada and to many countries in Europe and Asia.

You Can Order Custom Food Boxes in Our Printing House:

  • Carton food packaging with a cut-out window to showcase the contents;
  • Paper boxes of various configurations and dimensions with original lodgements and internal partitions;
  • Exquisite gift boxes for food and other products;
  • Food cardboard packaging, covered with a protective varnish or lamination, which has increased moisture resistance and strength;
  • Boxes for the fast food industry and many other products.

Types of Food Packaging

We produce packaging in different sizes and designs, including self-assembly or non-separable boxes. You can order cardboard food boxes of the desired design:

  • corrugated box – made of cardboard, in which flat and wavy layers alternate, equipped with top and bottom valves;
  • auto bottom – a solid construction, the bottom of which is reinforced with additional gluing points;
  • corrugated tray – a low container with holes;
  • With lids that fold back on two sides;

We also offered other eco-friendly packaging materials for foods, such as:

  1. Kraft
  2. Cardstock
  3. Corrugated
  4. Rigid

For packaged food products, such as confectionery groceries, you can order wholesale disposable packaging with handles, windows, etc.

Custom Food Boxes Features

All our custom food boxes are made from cellulose and recycled cardboard, which is an environmentally friendly biodegradable material that does not pollute the atmosphere and does not release toxic substances into the soil.

Cardboard eco-friendly boxes protect food products from pollution, moisture, and light, and provide convenient transportation and storage. Comply with the technical regulations for packaging material for food products, confirmed by laboratory tests and a declaration of conformity.

Technological Capabilities of the Enterprise

We are full-cycle manufacturers, from design to assembly:

  1. Design – development of a drawing according to the terms of reference using the program, production of test packaging for food products, testing, and approval.
  2. Prepress — preparation for printing and approval of the file, making edits.
  3. Polygraphy – offset or color printing of batches on new German Heidelberg machines.
  4. Coating with UV varnish – applying a protective layer on cardboard, fixing with a UV lamp.
  5. Lamination is the application of a protective film.
    Relief stamping is the creation of relief on the surface.
  6. Punching is carried out using an automatic BOBST press, which allows you to get any contour of a window or product.
  7. Window pasting is the production of packaging for product demonstration with a window covered with a polymer film.
  8. Folding – assembly of the structure at 6 points.

Printing Options For Custom Food Boxes

Printing is one of the most important aspects of designing custom printed food boxes. Printing can help you create a strong identity for your brand and increase brand awareness. 

The most common printing techniques we used for custom food boxes are:

  1. Digital printing: Digital printing is a very popular printing technique that is often used for small-scale production. This printing technique offers a very high level of accuracy and detail. In addition, it is also a very economical printing technique. 
  2. Offset printing: Offset printing is a very popular printing technique that is often used for large-scale production. This printing technique offers high-quality results. In addition, it is also a very economical printing technique for large volumes of production. 
  3. Flexographic printing: Flexographic printing is a very popular printing technique that is often used for food packaging. This printing technique offers high-quality results. In addition, it is also a very economical printing technique.

In each case, we competently think over the design of structures, depending on the type of product and the specifics of the customer’s activities. You can buy custom food packaging boxes from us at retail and wholesale with the possibility of delivery.

Company Advantages

Our production is certified according to several international standards:

  • ISO-9001 – quality control of goods, the level of customer service;
  • ISO-22000 – compliance with all stages of production to standards, from the supply of raw materials to the release of finished products.
  • DMCA Verified

We fulfill all contractual obligations and comply with the deadlines established by the contract.

Order, Payment, And Delivery

We fulfill orders for large quantities of custom food boxes; we work with food industry enterprises & chain stores system. You can place an order by calling us, Emailing us at info@zeecustomboxes.com, or filling out the custom quote form. We have many payment methods for our customers. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards, and PayPal.

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