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Order Packaging With Your Logo

Order Packaging For Gifts At Wholesale In the USA

Order Packaging For Gifts At Wholesale In the USA

Custom gift boxes are a great way to increase the sales of your product, stand out from competitors, and increase brand awareness. Bright packaging of an unusual shape emphasizes the importance of your product.
The company “Zee Custom Boxes” has been manufacturing custom gift packaging, taking into account customers’ wishes for many years. We use our work only for high-quality materials and high-tech equipment.
Our production line allows us to produce gift boxes of any complexity. You can order from us a batch of corrugated boxes or rigid boxes, as well as unique designer packaging with a variety of elements.


Our designers will create a unique packaging that is perfect for your products. Any shapes and sizes.


We will always be in touch and at any time we will answer your questions about the current or upcoming project.


Production takes some days. No time at all? We will place an order within 5 business days.


.At each stage of production, products undergo strict quality control and compliance with the task.


Terms, quality and quantity are clearly spelled out in the contract. No surprises or extra bills.


Delivery anywhere in the world. Couriers, cars and even planes will deliver beautiful boxes on time.

Custom Printed Gift Packaging Boxes With Logo | Wholesale Prices

A gift always symbolizes a festive atmosphere, and in order for it to be an unexpected and pleasant surprise, you should correctly approach its packaging. Printing house “Zee Custom Boxes” produces gift wrapping and offers a wide range of models for gifts of any holiday theme.

Custom-made gift boxes made of cardboard not only attract with their external originality but also adds intrigue and a desire to look inside quickly. We offer the production of a cardboard gift box according to individual sizes with a logo and any other images, which eliminates the need to look for solutions for the original design of the prepared surprise.

For expensive and exclusive gifts, you can order individual packaging from us, custom gift boxes of any size with logo embossing. We also have a large selection of ready-made boxes and custom gift packaging in stock. Delivery within the USA is free.

Production of Custom Gift Packaging Boxes in Bulk To Order

As a material for cardboard/corrugated/rigid packaging for gifts, we use designer cardboard of different densities. With innovative printing equipment, we accurately apply images, trademarks, or holiday symbols to the product’s surface using the offset printing method.

In the printing house “Zee Custom Boxes,” you can order:

  • Exclusive cardboard packaging for luxury perfumes, cosmetic sets, jewelry, and other gifts;
  • Serial production of boxes in the form of cartoon characters, symbolizing the upcoming New Year;
  • Custom Boxes for a corporate holiday with a company logo and thematic full-color images;
  • Unique custom gift packaging in the form of a favorite toy for little birthdays, attractive with its brightness and naturalness;
  • Boxes for bed linen and garments and many other products.

Packaging For Gift From The Printing House “Zee Custom Boxes” 

Our printing house is the leading manufacturer in the USA packaging market. We offered gift boxes made of cardboard & Rigid or Cardstock is a unique author’s design, original full-color design, and a limitless choice of constructive solutions.

The capabilities of our equipment allow for the following:

  • In the shortest possible time to fulfill orders of any volume;
  • Perform openwork or volumetric decoration of products through the use of die-cutting technology;
  • Carry out different types of printing, providing perfect color reproduction;
  • To produce products of any complexity inexpensively due to our own production.

We will select the best material and design for each individual case. Custom gift boxes in wholesale and retail at an adequate cost.

If you need unique packaging for a gift, Zee Custom Boxes will produce the best boxes for you at a low price. Our possibilities are limited only by the imagination of our clients.

Custom Gift Boxes And Their Features

Custom Gift boxes have long become a necessary attribute of gift packaging and have found their application in packaging cosmetic sets to decorating business souvenirs. We specialize in the manufacture of branded boxes with a logo. The tasks facing such packaging are very diverse, and their solution requires both a variety of materials and various methods of applying a logo, as well as interesting design solutions.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of such projects, and we are able to fulfill orders of any complexity. At the same time, for a successful end result, it is important to understand the materials and technological features of the production of boxes. Our experts will help you decide and make the right choice.

The Most Common Types of Gift Boxes

The first thing to decide is the design of the box, or rather its features. Surely you have already decided on the shape of the box – round, square, etc. But this is not enough. For production, it is also important to understand what the design of the box will be. The amount of material, types of work, and, ultimately, its cost depend on this.

Let’s see what the most common box options are.

Box Cover – Bottom

We are talking about custom gift boxes with lids and separate bottoms in this case. Such boxes have many options; they are presented in the section of the site box lid-bottom.

The most common type of such a box is the overlapped lid-bottom box. For such a box, the height of the bottom side is essentially the height of the box, and the lid is put on from above and can either completely close it or not completely, in which case the side of the lid will be of a given height.

There is an option when the lid is put on, not on the bottom, but on a chin built into the bottom. In this case, such a box will be called a cover-bottom end-to-end. This design feature of the box has the ability to set the gap between the lid and the bottom. The gap, for example, can be beaten with a different color, and this will be an interesting design decision.

Box – Pencil Case

Box – the pencil case consists of the bottom of a regular standard box, which serves as a drawer and a case. The bottom is made using the same technology as in the previous version, and the case can be made both from laminated cardboard and just from thick cardboard.

The Box is a Book

Consists of the bottom of a standard box with an attached lid. For such boxes, the lid can be closed with tape, or such a box can be made in the form of a box with magnets.

There are also many other types of structures, including self-assembly boxes. In this case, we have given the most common of them as an example.

Custom Branded Gift Boxes

Custom Gift boxes for businesses have become as much an integral part of branded packaging as paper bags.

Gift wrapping is in demand before any holidays. Companies order gift boxes with a logo to wrap gifts for their employees or contractors.

The shape and dimensions of the gift box may vary depending on the contents of the package. In our catalog, you will find many options for every taste.

It is also possible to manufacture gift boxes to order. In the beginning, you need to decide on the size and number of investments; then, you can choose the desired shape of the product.

Putting Your Identity On The Product

There are several ways to apply a logo on a gift box: silk screen printing, embossing, and offset printing. Silk-screen printing (silk-screen printing) allows you to apply images directly to the material used, for example, micro corrugated cardboard. Embossing looks good on designer materials, and a logo made using this technique is applied directly to the product. Offset printing directly on corrugated board, and micro-corrugated board cannot be done.

Five Reasons To Order Gift Items With Company Identity From us

  • Excellent product quality
  • Attractive price
  • Professionalism and experience
  • Creativity
  • Prompt execution of orders

Need Gift Boxes?

Submit a request or give us a call. We have vast experience in the manufacture of gift boxes and will be happy to advise and do our best to make you satisfied with our cooperation with us.

We use 3 printing technologies

For vibrant packaging and better results

Offset printing
Flexo printing

Digital Printing

We print on a printer that allows you to apply an unlimited number of colors to custom branded gift boxes.
Digital printing is comparatively cheaper and faster!

Offset Printing

In offset printing, the pattern is applied to rigid – a liner, which can glued to a corrugated cardboard base.
Advantages of offset printing:

  • full color bright packaging
  • the possibility of laminating cardboard or rigid, for strength

Flexo Printing

In flexo printing, ink is applied to cardboard or rigid using flexible flexo plates. Flexoforms are made in 2-3 days according to an individual design. Flexo printing allows you to use 1, 2 or 3 colors, not counting the background of the cardboard.

Our Advantages As A Direct Manufacturer

Production speed

Production Speed

The presence of modern equipment, gives us the opportunity to produce products in the shortest possible time.

Best Price

Best Price

The exclusion of intermediaries and work directly makes it possible to provide the most favorable cost.

Delivery speed

Delivery Speed

In USA & Europe within 5-7 days from the date of issue.

Lead time 1-7 days

Lead time 1-7 days

What does it depend on
  • From having a design layout
  • From the type and complexity of the design of the custom gift boxes for business. 
  • From the printing method
  • From approval stages


The minimum recommended circulation for manufacturing gift boxes is 100 pieces, but some types of boxes and production technologies can be made from 50 pieces. The larger the circulation, the lower the cost of a box per piece.

How to reduce the time and cost of the production of gift boxes?

Choose packaging models & styles according to previously implemented projects. A ready-made punch for cutting allows you to optimize the time and cost of producing gift boxes. Check with managers for details.

How long does it take to make gift boxes?

From 1-7 working days, but highly dependent on circulation, printing, post-printing technologies, and the season. If your deadlines are limited, it is better to look at options from ready-made boxes by contacting our support.

Do you make gift boxes to order in non-standard sizes, shapes, and dimensions?

Yes, we have a large range of ready-made gift boxes in our assortment, but we can also design and produce individual gift boxes to order.

Do You Provide Free design & Shipping?

Yes, We provide free design & Shipping in the USA & Europe.

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