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Printing house Zee Custom Boxes offers custom match boxes in bulk in the USA & Europe. We use durable materials like kraft, cardstock, & cardboard, etc. We offer the three best printing methods, including digital, offset & flexo printing. Place your order today to get a 20% discount on your order for custom-printed matchbox packaging—free design & shipping in the USA, Canada & Europe.

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Why Match Boxes With Us?

First, we love making boxes.

Secondly, we have been doing this for many years already – and we know everything about this process.

Thirdly, we will speak to you in a language you understand and share our experience. We are proud of long-term relationships with regular customers. The cases of our clients on the right will give a complete answer to the question “Why us”?

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Our Printing House ZCB Offers All Clients:

  • Boxes to order in small runs;
  • Boxes to order with individual designs;
  • Preparation of the layout by our experienced designers;
  • Make boxes to order from 50 pcs.
  • Consultation of our managers at all stages of production.
  • Free design & Shipping
  • Turnaround Time 5-7 Business days

The preferred production method for ordering custom match box packaging is cardboard/kraft cutting. This will undoubtedly help you to produce the desired products with high quality.

Custom Printed Match Packaging Boxes, Wholesale Prices

The production of matches in the USA as a means for ignition, advertising, and souvenirs has existed for many decades. More than a hundred types of boxes have been developed since the first Swedish safety matches in 1855. And until now, the specialists of the Zee Custom Boxes have created more and more new forms and layouts of design and packaging, observing the following requirements:

  • exclusivity: the individuality of corporate identity reflection;
  • strength: a certain density and number of cardboard folds;
  • convenience: it opens effortlessly, matches do not fall out;
  • incendiary strip quality: durability and fast fire production.

At presentations and exhibitions, in restaurants and clubs, in any company, and just in the kitchen, a souvenir set of matches will become an inexpensive but cute and useful present. This is a unique advertising medium:

  • significant visualization: it catches the eye, and you want to come up and examine it;
  • duration of exposure: you involuntarily pay attention hundreds of times when using;
  • a huge circle of audience: nice to show others, always in the spotlight.

Matches in Boxes

Matches in boxes are presented in more than 40 models. All custom match boxes are made of high-quality coated cardboard. A variety of models and shapes allows you to optimally choose the size of the product to accommodate your design. The box is filled with a match of domestic and foreign production. A variety of shades of the match head allows you to choose the most successful option that matches the color scheme of the outer box.

Branded Matches With a Logo

Branded matches with a logo have long become a stylish advertising medium. They are often used for branding, image building, and as small gifts during events and presentations. For many companies from the HoReCa sector (hotels, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, etc.), matches with a logo are an indispensable part of the image and style.

Printing And Production Of Matchboxes

✓ We print matchboxes on coated and designed cardboard (including craft)

✓ We do lamination, cutting, and embossing, as well as finishing with 3D varnish and foil

✓ We will develop a product design from scratch or finalize a finished file with a layout

Benefits Of Custom Match Boxes 

  • Low manufacturing cost
  • The duration of the advertising impact
  • Original packaging
  • A stylish and functional gift
  • Secondary Audience

Types Of Custom-Printed MatchBoxes

  • Rectangular boxes of various sizes
  • Book matches
  • Pyramids
  • Candles & Cigar matches
  • Bottles matches
  • Fireplace matches
  • Original shape boxes

Parameters Of Personalized Matchbox

  • All shapes and sizes of matchboxes
  • Offset printing & digital printing 4+0 CMYK
  • All matchboxes are UV varnished – glossy or matte
  • Matches can be made from unpainted match straw or from black dyed
  • You can choose any color of sulfur: white, black, yellow, pink, green, blue, and others
  • We use only high-quality paper
  • Coated, of varying degrees of density (it perfectly conveys the brightness of colors and is pleasant to the touch)
  • We print on our own equipment:
  • Samples of matches can be seen on our product pages & you can also request a sample by contacting us.

Best For the Gifts

Due to their functionality and popularity, personalized match boxes contain not only the logos of the company or its contacts but also announcements and photos, calendars and interiors, ratings in the charts, and a route map. Our Printing professionals will make a custom-match gift box of any chosen shape and with a variety of applications: blind, foil stamping, or relief. It is also possible to make stickers on the old matchboxes.

Buying bulk match boxes by placing your advertising on their means and elegantly presenting the company’s corporate identity to a huge audience. Or impress your loved ones with care and wit by putting unique photo frames on a matchbox. No one will ever forget this and will not lose them – a relic and a symbol of love and friendship. Modern design is limitless, from fish skin boxes to poker matches. In a word, fantasize, experiment, and order from the Zee Custom Boxes Printing House. 

We Have A Team of Specialist

Specialists will be happy to help you: they will prepare a personal layout – from ordinary to hunting matches – and make them in any quantity.

We give you a unique opportunity to look at typical gifts completely new. Huge options in the field of modern printing and image development allow us to turn an ordinary box of matches into a full-fledged promotional product that allows you to emphasize your originality and creativity.

Individual designer matches to order are a great option for souvenirs. Such a present combines aesthetic and practical value. The customer company can give it even to its non-smoking customers and partners. With the help of this originally designed present, you can light candles, kindle a fireplace, etc.

Variety of Plain Match Boxes 

We offer a variety of plain matchboxes with company logos and more. Thanks to such an impressive selection of products, we can fully satisfy all the needs of even the most demanding of our customers.

Here are our benefits:

1. We can make custom match boxes wholesale according to the color of the matchsticks.

2. We consider absolutely every detail in the production of branded matches. Our motto is “There are no small things.”

3. We have about 20 different conceptual designs of custom matchboxes and match designs at our disposal.

Advertising, which is applied to branded matches, will fall into the field of view of their owner with each ignition. Thus, it will automatically and subconsciously be deposited in his memory.

High-quality Matches With A Logo – Cheap And Effective

Constant monitoring of the modern market allows us to produce high-quality custom-match packaging based on the needs of our many customers. We are currently ready to offer promotional matches:

  • fireplace,
  • hunting,
  • gift,
  • matches – “business cards”,
  • cigarette,
  • in original packaging, made in the form of a book, a triangle, etc.

For example, matches with a custom logo in the form of a business card are in great demand among the owners of the hotel and restaurant business. Restaurants and night entertainment establishments, which care about the constant support of their image, always have “named” boxes on the counters.

Opportunities For Cigarette Companies

Another category of customers who will be interested in making custom printed matchboxes are breweries and cigarette companies. The original souvenir would be a small present for dealers and business partners.

We have the opportunity to offer you absolute freedom of choice. You can easily order matches box with your logo in unusual packaging of various designs. At the same time, clients themselves choose:

  • packaging material,
  • its size and shape,
  • the imaging technique, etc.

Our modern equipment allows us to produce various types of souvenir matches box. The manufacturing process includes several important stages, each carried out by experienced specialists as conscientiously and responsibly as possible. Here you can order a match box as a present for any occasion. We print the desired image directly on the boxes or create unique stickers.

It is also important that you can buy souvenir matches packaging from us at the best prices.

Making Souvenir Match Packaging: Main Advantages

  • Graphic or informational advertising on matches can be addressed directly to the target audience.
  • This is an original and unusual souvenir, a pleasure to present and receive as a gift.
  • You can order custom-printed boxes to emphasize the solidity and style of your own company.
  • An excellent ratio of affordable price and effective printing.

Zee Custom Boxes is ready to place any information about you and your company on matches. Call us and order at any convenient time.

We use 3 printing technologies

For vibrant packaging and better results

Digital Printing

We print on a printer that allows you to apply an unlimited number of colors to custom match boxes.
Digital printing is comparatively cheaper and faster!

Offset printing

Offset Printing

In offset printing, the pattern is applied to rigid – a liner, which can glued to a corrugated cardboard base.
Advantages of offset printing:

  • full color bright packaging
  • the possibility of laminating kraft, cardboard or rigid, for strength
Flexo printing

Flexo Printing

In flexo printing, ink is applied to kraft, cardboard or rigid using flexible flexo plates. Flexoforms are made in 2-3 days according to an individual design. Flexo printing allows you to use 1, 2 or 3 colors, not counting the background of the cardboard.

Maintain print accuracy

We use special technologies to maintain the accuracy of printing on the box
We make a 3D model of the future box so that you can see exactly how the design will be located on the package, even before printing
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Talk To Our Experts And Get Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

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