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Order Custom Soap Boxes Packaging At Wholesale In The USA

Soap Gift Packaging boxes

We manufacture cardboard/Cardstock packaging for soap in a large circulation – from minimal pieces—leading manufacturers of soap products order packaging for us. Zee Custom Boxes produce custom soap boxes from environmentally friendly materials that do not affect the properties of soap. We design boxes for new products. We provide high-quality informative printing of cardboard packaging for soap.

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Why Custom Soap Packaging With Us?

First, we love making boxes.

Secondly, we have been doing this for many years already – and we know everything about this process.

Thirdly, we will speak to you in a language you understand and share our experience. We are proud of long-term relationships with regular customers. The cases of our clients on the right will give a complete answer to the question “Why us”?

kraft paper soap packaging
Soap Gift boxes Wholesale

Our Soap Box Printing House ZCB Offers All Clients:

  • Boxes to order in small runs;
  • Boxes to order with individual designs;
  • Preparation of the layout by our experienced designers;
  • Make boxes to order from 50 pcs.
  • Consultation of our managers at all stages of production.
  • Free design & Shipping
  • Turnaround Time 5-7 Business days

The preferred production method for ordering custom soap box packaging is cardboard/kraft cutting. This will undoubtedly help you to produce the desired products with high quality.

Why Should You Order Soap Packaging From us?

  • We offer coated paper, textured, designer, and kraft board.
  • We offer a printing service, as well as the production of self-adhesive labels for marking finished products;
  • In the absence of a ready-made layout, we will provide a service for its development;
  • Free Delivery to any city in the USA by a transport company.

Scope of Application:

  • Soap factories;
  • Companies that produce samples of Soap products.
  • Manufacture of luxury and premium segment soaps and handmade soaps (shaped) with natural ingredients.

Material Features:

  • Paper with coating. The outer surface is glossy; the inner surface is matte and rough. This material provides good color reproduction during printing and gives the soap packaging an aesthetic appearance.
  • Textured (design paper). Various colors and textures allow you to choose a material that reflects the type of soap (elite), emphasizing the product’s individuality.
  • Cardboard (including texturing and design). Allows you to make various options for gift and branded soap packaging. Durable, resistant to mechanical damage, and suitable for printing. Other material options like Rigid/Cardstock/Corrugated are also available.

Types of Printing:

  • Offset Printing. Full-color durable printing with a simultaneous combination of up to 7 vibrant colors. Suitable for the production of large quantities of paper and cardboard packaging. (circulation over 10 thousand).
  • Digital Printing. Produced on the printer, directly from the computer. This method manufactures a small number (up to 3 thousand).
  • Flexo Printing. Produced by means of flexible forms with the simultaneous use of 5 colors. This method is suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene packaging.

UV varnish and embossing are used as finishes for paper and cardboard packaging.

Custom Soap Box Design And Printing

✓ We will create from scratch the design of custom soap boxes of the desired format and size according to your task

✓ We will print and make boxes on high-quality cardboard or design paper

✓ We will make lamination, cutting, embossing, as well as finishing with 3D varnish/foil

How to Choose Custom Soap Packaging?

The choice of packaging depends on the type of product being produced. Textured, designer cardboard, and paper will be in demand for the manufacture of soap gift packaging options and premium and luxury segment products.

Our company has been designing corrugated cardboard products and wholesale them for over 10 years. Our plant uses in the manufacture of modern European equipment, which experienced specialists manage. To improve the quality of custom soap boxes, we use cardboard from trusted suppliers of the T23 and T24 brands. Implemented products have the following advantages:

  • They are one hundred percent cellulose, which makes them very cheap;
  • The structure of corrugated cardboard perfectly absorbs and provides excellent safety for the goods even after impact;
  • They can be given any shape without the use of complex technologies

Soap Cardboard Boxes

Our company carries out wholesale sales of cardboard Soap Boxes. If you need exclusive packaging, then there is the possibility of ordering a smaller batch. We offer cardboard boxes for soap in bulk from a warehouse in finished form; we also have the opportunity to fulfill an order for an individual design. Delivery is carried out free of charge. Box prices are based on the design’s complexity, the box’s size, and exclusivity.

Features of Cardboard Packaging For Soap

A product such as cardboard packaging for soap is divided into two types:

  • Boxes for a product that is used on a daily basis.
  • Gift options are created specifically for elite categories of goods.

Without a doubt, products that have beautiful packaging inspire the buyer’s confidence in the product and the desire to purchase it.

In Box production, hot stamping and UV varnishing technologies can be used, making it more vivid, expressive, and memorable. At the same time, the use of the latter technique contributes to an increase in the wear resistance of products, resulting in the box becoming more rigid and resistant to external influences.

Zee Custom Boxes supplies consumables to manufacture custom soap packaging and offers a printing service. To do this, you need to send a layout and specify the amount of material. In the absence of a ready-made sketch, we will develop it in accordance with your wishes.

5 Reasons to Buy Custom Soap Packaging Boxes From Our Company

Zee Custom Boxes provides custom soap packaging boxes, which can be purchased and take advantage of a lot of benefits:

  • We are providing advice from our managers regarding choosing a particular product.
  • Democratic cost of production.
  • The ability to select the most optimal option for your products among the presented samples or develop your box design.
  • Fulfillment of orders within a predetermined time frame.
  • Prompt Delivery of products.

Turning to us once, you want to become a regular customer of the company!

Finish Options

Each has its own advantages



Bonding a thin layer of printed cardboard to a corrugated board backing (Including Rigid)



Covering cardboard with a glossy, matte or velvety (soft-touch) film

Laminated cardboard is waterproof



Creating a relief image on thin cardboard

Which finish is best?

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