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Order Packaging of Pharma At Wholesale Price In the USA

Pharmaceutical packaging, produced to order by Zee Custom Boxes, contributes to the careful and proper storage for transportation of medicines and attracts attention with a unique, selling, and impressive design.

Entrusting the manufacture of packaging materials for pharmaceutical products to the ZCB production house, you get a cheap wholesale rate, the quality of which is regulated by regulatory documents in the field of medicine.

  • Packaging of medicines
  • Branded Application
  • Custom Box Sizes
  • Free shipping

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Benefits Of Working With Us

Own production

Own Production

Packaging of pharmaceutical preparations from the manufacturer.
Our production works 24/7.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We offer only the best conditions to our clients. We have been working for you for many years. Offer free shipping in the USA.

Lead time 1-7 days

Design development

Medicine box with logo. Design and development of trademarks.

We work throughout the USA & Europe

More than 1500 customers from USA, as well as from Europe.

Production of packaging for medicine and pharmaceuticals to order

Printing house “Zee Custom Boxes” offers comprehensive packaging solutions for medicines, ampoules, and other pharmaceutical products.

We can order the development of design and production of packaging for various applications:

  • Small cardboard boxes in the form of a pencil case or with a hinged lid equipped with a magnetic valve;
  • branded boxes for tablets with the manufacturer’s logo;
  • lodgements for fixing bottles and ampoules;
  • packaging for medical equipment, instruments, and dressings.

For a long time, we have been working with clients in USA & Europe, and in each individual case, we select the best solutions for packaging products and offer a reasonable cost.

Innovative production technologies make it possible to create reliable and attractive boxes. Pharma Packaging produced by Zee Custom Boxes perfectly protects the contents from external influences and positively identifies the brand.

Features of Packaging For Pharmaceutical

Packaging material for pharmaceuticals is environmentally friendly. The design of products is calculated by taking into account the shape and weight of the contents. The density of the cardboard is also individually selected.

Custom Pharmaceutical packaging boxes are printed in our printing house by digital or offset method. The production method is selected depending on the volume of the order. For cost-effective short-run printing, digital equipment is used. Large batches of products are made using the offset method, which allows our customers to save.

The packaging material will be more resistant to external influences if post-printing is carried out. Our printing house offers lamination or more inexpensive varnishing. After these operations, medicine boxes look more stylish.

There are no special packaging requirements if the medicine does not come into contact with the carton. It must be in a vial, tube, etc. If there is a possibility of contact for packaging materials for medicines, a special expert opinion is required.

Printing cardboard packaging for Pharma

The production of pharmaceutical packaging in our printing house is beneficial due to the use of offset printing machines of the second format and automatic gluing. The folder-gluing line produces up to two hundred thousand cardboard packs per day.

Usually, a standard cut of cardboard medicine packs with two valves is used. If you need to pack a cylindrical object – a bottle or a jar with dietary supplements, use a package with an opening top valve and a dovetail-type cardboard lock at the bottom. We are happy to take on the production of pharmaceutical packaging of non-standard design.

In the production of presentable pharmaceutical packaging, various types of finishes are used:

  • printing with metallic inks,
  • foil stamping,
  • embossing and blind embossing,
  • gluing windows from a transparent film,
  • selective UV varnishing,
  • flocking, etc.

Anti-counterfeit drug packaging protection

Cardboard packaging for medicines has a special protection that does not allow it to be faked. We offers:

  • The use of selective embossing of both visible elements and individual characters simply on the surface of the material
  • Printing with Pantone’s or custom inks
  • Original design with unique gradients and meshes
  • Spot varnishing with UV varnish using a flexo plate
  • foil stamping
  • embossing
  • Relief stamping

What can we order

Our printing house will execute any order of any kind. We offer:

  • boxes of different sizes;
  • packaging material made of environmentally friendly cardboard of various densities;
  • products of different configurations and shapes;
  • packaging with an exclusive design.

The cheapest boxes are made from inexpensive cardboard. They have a minimum of finishing and one- or two-color printing. Such packaging is distinguished by low rigidity and the gray color of the turnover.

More expensive boxes are made from white pulp board with a coated or white back. The front side is treated with a double coating. Such packaging has high rigidity and a smooth surface suitable for high-quality printing.

The Order of Our Work

Production of packaging for medicines in the USA is one of the directions of our printing house. All work is carried out in strict sequence:

  1. At the initial stage, design, construction, and logo development occur. They can be as simple as possible or more complex, designed for active promotion.
  2. After the layout is agreed upon with the customer, printing is carried out. For this, cardboard of various densities is used – design, packaging, and metalized.
  3. In the final stage, the packaging is cut. It is carried out in a rotary, plotter, or other way.

You can also order from us printing instructions for investing in boxes.

Our high-quality products are ensured using modern equipment and many high-quality materials. After manufacturing, the products are delivered to the customer by courier or with the help of a transport company. Deliveries are carried out in the USA and other regions of Europe. 

We can offer different finishes for pharmaceutical packaging:

  • printing with metallic inks;
  • embossing, blind and foil stamping;
  • pasting of windows from a transparent film;
  • UV varnishing;
  • lamination;
different finishes for pharmaceutical packaging

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Talk To Our Experts And Get Your Perfect Custom Printed Boxes

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