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Production of Cardboard Boxes

Today, the market offers a sufficient variety of packaging for storing and transporting finished products. Nevertheless, for several decades the leading position in this industry has been occupied by the production of cardboard boxes.

Properties of corrugated board packaging

Corrugated cardboard of various densities used for the manufacture of containers has a number of practical properties. Packing boxes are able to reliably protect against mechanical shocks, shaking, vibration, moisture, dust, and other types of external influences. To do this, it is important to correctly select the size and shape of the container and determine the degree of strength of the material used. Experienced specialists of ZEE Custom Boxes will help in this matter.

In addition, the production of cardboard boxes is environmentally friendly since all the raw materials used are of natural origin. This is especially important for storing food and baby items. And the process of recycling waste containers becomes less problematic.

Corrugated consumer packaging

In the production of corrugated packaging, there are three main types:

  • consumer packaging – used for packaging the product itself (for example, gift sets of alcoholic beverages or hygiene products; boxes for towels, etc.);
  • production packaging – necessary for storing several units of homogeneous products;
  • Shipping (shipping) packaging directly moves goods over long distances.

Consumer packaging always contains information about the product, its properties, and its manufacturer. This information, in accordance with the requirements of USA legislation, must be communicated to the direct consumer. To make the product more attractive in terms of marketing, printing design is used in the production of cardboard boxes.

Printing design of corrugated cardboard packaging

Your product’s packaging design makes it more interesting for the consumer, and the quality of the applied printing image forms the degree of confidence in the manufacturer. Thus, your products will stand out on the counter, and this is precisely the goal pursued by marketers to increase sales.

The dimensions, purpose, and properties of the materials used determine the packaging finishing and printing methods. The production of boxes with a logo is ordered not only for consumer packaging design but also for industrial packaging – less often for transport. The last two mainly use one-color printing, which carries important information for resellers. Although, now more and more often, goods in hypermarkets and shopping centers are displayed directly in transport packaging. That is why manufacturers began to pay sufficient attention to it.

Flexo printing is used in the production of cardboard boxes. ZEE Custom Boxes offers its customers printing in 1, 2, 3, and 4 colors. This allows us to manufacture boxes with the customer’s logo of any complexity. Our specialists will calculate the cost of such a service after your request.

In addition, the factory for the production of corrugated packaging “ZEE Custom Boxes” produces printing forms, which can also be used to apply an image on a container made of corrugated cardboard. The average wear resistance of a flexo form is 1 million prints; the production time is up to 2 days.

You can leave a request with the required printing parameters on our website, after which the specialists of ZEE Custom Boxes will contact you quickly; delivery is possible in the USA and other countries like Canada, UK & Australia, etc.

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