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Subscription Boxes: What Can Be Ordered

Subscription boxes are also called surprise boxes because their contents most often remain a secret until the parcel is opened. Zee Custom Boxes has collected the most popular boxes with cosmetics, clothes, and even more unexpected products.

Subscription Boxes What Can Be Ordered

As we already mentioned, the contents of the box are usually a mystery to the recipient, but almost all such services tell what was in the boxes in previous months. So you can get a rough idea of ​​the content of the boxes. For almost all subscription packages, there is one more rule: the longer the subscription, the lower the cost of one box.


Beauty Box

The makeup box is perfect for girls who like to try something new. And beauty boxes are also needed when everything seems to be on the shelf in the bathroom, but the soul requires something else, it’s not clear what. Boxes sometimes surprise with beauty novelties that are not yet on the shelves of cosmetic departments or in popular online stores.

Tip for men: a subscription to a beauty box will help you out when you don’t know what to give a girl. Sign it on one or more boxes, and you will be warmly remembered every time you open the next package.


The Glambox was previously known as the Allure box. Each box contains 6-8 cosmetic miniatures. Do not confuse miniatures with sample bags. One miniature package is enough for several applications, so you can taste whether you like this product or not. And these miniatures are convenient to take on trips.

You can also order Glambag — a cosmetic bag with 6-8 full-size mass-market products.

Periodically, the service subscribes to limited boxes, the composition of which is known in advance. I personally ordered a set of Toni&Guy full-size hair care products a long time ago. It turned out then very profitable: three times cheaper than in the store.


L’Box combines miniatures and full-sized products in its boxes. In total, you will receive 5-6 cosmetic products and tips from the beauty guru on properly using the contents of the box.

You can also order a L’Box Fashion box with jewelry. In it you will find 5-7 pieces of jewelry and stylists’ tips for creating different looks with them.

L’Box also offers limited edition boxes, the products for which are selected by famous beauty bloggers. The composition of the “limit” is known in advance.


You can choose from two subscriptions: a box of luxury cosmetics or lifestyle products (by this we mean the mass market). The subscription price is the same as the number of products, but the lifestyle box contains full-size products, while the deluxe box contains miniatures.

Live Organic Box

You will find natural and organic cosmetics, home cleaning products, food, eco-clothing, and accessories made from natural materials in the boxes. Phew, I repeated the word “natural” three times in one sentence, but this is precisely the difference between this box and the previous ones, and the box’s contents are thoroughly known in advance.


In self-care, regularity is the most important thing! So, not without reason, the creators of the InstaBeauty service believe that they deliver eight Asian fabric face masks to their customers every month – two per week. If, after a few tests, you have special preferences, you can order a personal set: collect the masks that you like.


The variety of clothing boxes is not as wide as cosmetic boxes, but there are still some interesting things.



The delivery service for women’s panties Trusbox has abandoned the model of surprise boxes (it is not yet clear whether it is temporary or permanent), now you can evaluate the contents before ordering. The creators of the service always select unusual models that are not so easy to find in stores.

For Children And Mothers

The first child’s birth is almost always some kind of shock for the parents. During this period, boxes prepared by professionals will come in handy, containing useful things for caring for a baby, toys and amenities for mothers, such as body creams or something tasty. Every month you receive a box corresponding to the child’s age.


MimiBox can be ordered from the beginning of pregnancy to enjoy your new condition fully. In the boxes you will find body and hair care products, natural goodies and tea, touching things like a notebook for mom’s notes and useful items, like a belt in a car for pregnant women. And after giving birth, you can order two boxes at once: for young mothers and babies. MimiBox has a lot of eco-friendly items, as well as cute little things to decorate the room.


AistBox kits are prepared for children from birth to seven years of age. Boxes are divided into topics. So even though the box contents are a surprise, you can choose what your child is most likely to enjoy. Sets for older kids include books, creative toys or party supplies such as pirate themed.

MEL Chemistry

MEL Chemistry – kits for safe chemical experiments. Many children are not indifferent to all sorts of experiments. So that in their attempts to explore the world around them, they do not mix something caustic from household chemicals found at home, directing their curiosity in the right direction. Adults will also be interested in experimenting with MEL Chemistry kits, so this is an excellent activity for a family evening.

Shitexpress – a Surprise Box for Your Enemies

The most non-standard box service completes our selection. The guys deliver the freshest shit all over the world! If you are very angry with someone and dream of revenge, even if not the most exquisite, then you are on Shitexpress. So far, there is only horse manure in the assortment, but the creators of the service promise that it will be possible to choose an animal whose poop you want to deliver to the offender.

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