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The best packaging for hand made goods

The global pandemic forced the people of the USA to look for alternative ways to earn money. People endowed with creative abilities found themselves in the manufacture of handicrafts. But it’s not enough to sell a product; you must package it tastefully. A great way to stand out from the competition is to make a custom-designed cardboard box of the original design.

Role of packaging

The ingenuity of Americans can only be envied. They make everything at home – from jewelry, creams, and soaps to carpets, curtains, and rugs. Manual labor is not cheap and requires proper cutting, which is the role of corrugated packaging. This is one of the lightest, most affordable, and most environmentally friendly materials for storing products.

Corrugated cardboard boxes protect the contents from dust, moisture, and mechanical damage. Special fillers are used to transport fragile products, which have almost no weight.

Bulky, heavy things are packed in corrugated boxes made of five-layer material. The corrugated cardboard in rolls is suitable for oversized goods. You can quickly wrap a picture, a figurine, an author’s candlestick, and other things. From above, the packaging material is additionally fastened with adhesive tape.

Micro corrugated cardboard boxes are suitable for miniature goods such as jewelry, cosmetics probes, and key rings. Products are made of thick sheets, similar to ordinary corrugated cardboard, only with a finer and more frequent wave of the middle layer.

Micro corrugated packaging has a smooth, almost flat surface, unlike the material used to produce medium and large corrugated boxes. It is ideal for offset printing with the most exact detail.

Small corrugated boxes decorated with craft paper also look good. In addition to additional strength, such a coating makes the packaging neat and presentable.

A separate category of hand-made masters and craftswomen are home confectioners. Unlike the rest, their products have a short shelf life and increased packaging requirements. It requires compliance with food storage regulations. Therefore, the only right decision is to order corrugated packaging directly from a reliable manufacturer.

The competition among confectioners is fierce, so special containers are needed, thanks to which the most delicate and fragile desserts will retain their original appearance. Usually, these are boxes with lodgments for cakes, cupcakes, and muffins protected by a thick cellophane film. For baking, self-assembly boxes are also often used, which have a convenient and reliable design.

Author’s cakes sometimes take on incredibly bizarre shapes that require unique packaging. It’s good if it’s not just a container but a custom-made mystery box. Such attention to detail will remain in the customer’s and his guests’ memory for a long time, providing the confectioner with new orders.

The main advantage of corrugated packaging is its low cost and unlimited shelf life. You can order a large batch of packaging for future use (the larger the wholesale, the lower the price) and use them for a long time. The boxes take up very little space when folded and do not require special storage conditions.

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