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The Choice of Packaging For Gifts

Buying a gift box is just as important as finding the thing that will please the hero of the occasion. Size, color, shape – absolutely everything matters. Do you want to talk about your tender feelings? Pay attention to romantic shades and smooth lines. Need to emphasize respect? Take a look at the practical craft. There are many nuances, and each should be remembered, and the ZEE Custom Boxes project will help you choose the best possible option.

What Are Gift-Wrapping Boxes?

Today, there are three main ways to stylishly and elegantly pack almost any gift: wrap them in designer paper, put them in a bright package, or, in fact, in a box. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but more importantly, each is suitable for a specific type of product being packaged.

Design paper makes it possible to follow fashion trends. Experienced specialists in fashion houses have already thought out its texture, pattern, color, and the very feeling when the hero of the occasion eagerly tears apart dense material to get to the gift is the highest pleasure. Emotions that come to us from childhood do not leave in adulthood. But to use such packaging, three important points must be considered:

  • The paper to decorate the gift should not be thick but flexible enough not to tear and fold neatly.
  • The gift must be packed in a factory box with a precise geometric shape.
  • Additionally, you will have to master wrapping a gift in paper or turn to someone who will do it for you.

The Practicality and Cost-Effectiveness of Gift Bags

The gift bag is much more practical and easy to use. There is nothing easier than putting a prepared thing inside. True, with the acquisition of pragmatism, the feeling of surprise disappears because there are no difficulties in looking into the package and finding out what the guest has prepared. But the cost of packaging is significantly reduced. You should remember only one thing: the package size should be slightly larger than the gift itself to hide it from prying eyes completely, but at the same time, not visually reduce it.

And finally, the third option is a packing box for gifts. Classic yet individual, practical yet elegant. Many options differ in shape, size, and design features. And each of them is good in its way. But the advantages are inherent in all types at once. They reliably protect the thing tucked inside, have vast design possibilities, and retain that same sense of surprise, which was already mentioned above.

Types And Features of Gift Boxes

It is impossible to list all possible types of gift wrapping, so that we will pay attention to the most popular and stylish models. Those that are considered universal and, at the same time, the most reliable:

  • Craft gift box – almost any box can be classified as this type, provided that it is made of craft design paper, which serves as a liner, and cardboard, which is the basis of the design. It is he who gives the main form.
  • The lid-bottom box is a classic version consisting of two separate elements. Its advantage is its attractive appearance and the ability to add various decorative elements. You can build a lodgement inside the package to fix the gift well and protect it from damage. The option is suitable for donating clothes, toys, electronics, etc.
  • A box with a magnetic valve – its key feature is a magnetic lock built into the base that prevents the package from opening. Such a printed product can be called exclusive, suitable for premium gifts like jewelry.
  • Box with a transparent lid – you can see what is stored inside the package through the top plastic part. The option is considered especially advantageous if you need to pack confectionery.

Custom Gift Boxes for Purchase in the USA by ZEE Custom Boxes Project

ZEE Custom Boxes project offers custom gift boxes to buy in USA. Standard shapes and sizes or an individual order, assembled specifically for your gift – we will provide a high level of printing and consider all wishes because a gift is a sign of love, respect, and warm feelings, which are extremely important to emphasize.

By ordering gift boxes in bulk, you can reduce the financial burden and save time on production. Keep printed products assembled in a warehouse, leaving a request for production a few months before the event. Project managers will offer the most exciting option, considering the event’s needs, brand features, or traditions for which gifts are being prepared. A small circulation will also preserve individuality, which is necessary both in personal relationships and the business environment.

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