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The need to pack bags in cardboard boxes

Lovers of accessories made of genuine leather, suede, and eco-leather know how easily products lose their appearance if stored improperly. That is why the sale of packaging made from thick corrugated cardboard is so popular, the characteristics of which allow us to produce structures of any shape and size. The presence of a well-made box increases customer confidence in the brand. It later serves as a place to store the accessory, protecting it from deformation, dust, humidity, and ultraviolet radiation.

Benefits of storing bags in cardboard boxes 

The peculiarity of products made from genuine leather and suede is that in order to maintain quality and appearance, the material must “breathe.” Therefore, manufacturers sell bags in special bags called anthers. However, if there are several accessories or limited storage space, using a boot will not protect the product from creases, dents, and scratches. 

Boxes with hard walls ensure the integrity of the leather accessory, and the presence of free space and air prevents cracking and drying out of the material. In addition, the use of a box eliminates the appearance of dents from belts, buckles, and locks, as often happens when stored in a tight boot.

Packaging manufacturers offer a variety of options for storage boxes for bags and other accessories.

The most popular are:

For external design, full-color offset, digital or flexo printing is used. In offset printing, post-printing techniques can be used. Lamination gives the cardboard additional strength and moisture resistance. Varnishing provides a bright, glossy, or matte finish. Embossing with or without foil gives the box a luxurious, elegant appearance.

How to prepare a product for packaging

Before you put your handbag in the box, you need to prepare it for “rest.”

To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Carefully wash the lining with shampoo, being careful not to wet the skin. After this, the fabric must be dried thoroughly.
  • Wipe the outer part of the product with a slightly damp sponge and remove any remaining moisture with a dry cloth.
  • Apply a care product to the skin that will give it softness and rich color. Special sprays are used for suede bags.
  • Place crumpled paper or fabric inside so that the product does not lose its shape during storage.
  • Wrap the outside of the bag in thin wrapping paper and place in the box.

After this, the box with the accessory is put away in a closet wardrobe, and if space is not allowed, it is placed under the bed.

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