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The use of cardboard boxes for storing screws and self-tapping screws

For the convenience and safety of hardware storage, reliable packaging is required, preventing the contents from spilling. A box for storing self-tapping screws made of three-layer or five-layer corrugated cardboard is suitable in this capacity. Cardboard containers are used both for the transportation of wholesale lots and for the retail sale of hardware, and it is most profitable to order packaging products directly from the manufacturer.

Quality of cardboard boxes for hardware

Compared to boxes made of plastic and plywood, cardboard boxes for storing self-tapping screws, screws, and other fasteners have many advantages:

  • Strength. For reliability, the bottom of the box is reinforced with an additional layer of corrugated cardboard.
  • Puncture resistance due to corrugated board construction. Even if the self-tapping screw pierces the inner wall, the outer surface will not be affected.
  • Good load capacity. With a correctly calculated volume and a well-chosen brand of corrugated cardboard, the box will not tear from the mass of the contents.
  • Lightweight, which allows you to save on the cost of shipping hardware to points of sale.
  • Ease of storage. If the packaging is unnecessary, it is enough to fold it into a flat blank and put it in the pantry.
  • Opportunity to hand over the container for recycling.
  • Environmental friendliness – the decomposition of cardboard packaging does not harm the environment.
  • Possibility of manufacturing boxes of any size and configuration.
  • The possibility of drawing an image on the outer surface of the packaging product.
  • The ability to use the container several times.

Types of packaging products

The following types of boxes made of three- or five-layer corrugated cardboard are used as packaging for storing hardware in a warehouse:

  • Four-valve containers. To connect the valves, you must use packing tape.
  • Self-assembly boxes with hinged or removable lids.

To store self-tapping screws in everyday life, cardboard organizers are used – boxes divided into several sections, which allow you to systematize hardware by size and purpose. The form of the box is self-assembly with a removable lid, a box with a folding top, and a pencil case with a retractable inner part. Also popular are organizers, consisting of several pieces folded into a joint cardboard base.

The box can be supplemented with overhead or slotted handles, laminated coating, retaining locks, and other elements for easy carrying.

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