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Top Sustainable Packaging Trends For 2023

In 2023, the trend toward sustainability has become the most important thing in packaging. Currently, the whole world is puzzled by the problem of environmental pollution, and many countries are gradually abandoning plastic containers, limiting their production and use as much as possible. Plastic is being replaced by eco-friendly packaging, which we will discuss today.

There is an opinion in USA that our compatriots are indifferent to the problem of ecology, but this is not so. Studies have shown that 83% of Americans take into account the principle of environmental sustainability when choosing goods. This means that people are paying attention to the possibility of recycling. Based on this, we can confidently say that packaging manufacturers are now facing a rather difficult task – to make it attractive to customers and environmentally friendly.

It is important that many manufacturers and companies already care about the environment. For example, the Zee Custom Boxes began offering its visitors eco-bags, 40% recycled materials, paper, and reusable bags.

And now, let’s figure out what eco-friendly packaging trends have become the main ones in 2023.

Recyclable Packaging

One way to make our planet cleaner is to choose materials that can be recycled. An example is Gerber, which packs baby puree in a fully recyclable bag in an environmentally friendly way.

You can also refer to the Garnier brand. The company says that today it bases its sustainable packaging strategy on 4 principles:

  • redesign
  • innovation
  • reuse
  • recycling

Already, Gerber has made some attempts to move away from plastic. For example, their product line includes the Ultra Doux shampoo, whose packaging is 100% made of FSC-certified cardboard. The eco-friendly packaging of Ultra Doux shampoo uses 80% less plastic.

Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable packaging has become one of the most popular and positive trends in the packaging market in recent years. The main advantage of such packaging is its ability to decompose into harmless, independent, and in some cases, environmentally friendly elements.

Biodegradable packaging is the place to be if reusing or recycling is impossible. This happens, for example, when the product contaminates the packaging (butter, fish, mayonnaise, and so on). In this case, it is extremely important that the size of the package is as close as possible to the size of the product itself since, in this case, the minimum materials will be used in the production process.

Reusable Packaging

Another eco-friendly trend this year. Reusable packaging is made from durable materials and is specifically designed for repeated use without compromising the protective function.

Reusable packages are most often made from fabric or thick paper, but not only. It can be directly a container for any product or a durable container that can be used for different purposes. For example, iron boxes for sweets, cookies, or tea are quite suitable for storing all sorts of little things, and containers for any liquid soap can be filled several times.

A very interesting phenomenon of reusable packaging is a wax napkin. It is a waxed fabric used to store food. You can wrap bread, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs, and cheese. You can also cover food plates with a wax cloth instead of cling film.


A refill is a spare container with a cosmetic or perfume product. Refills are usually used after the original container is empty.

Many beauty brands now sell refills of their products. The buyer can purchase, for example, a shampoo bottle, and when the product runs out, do not throw it away but purchase the same shampoo in an eco-bag and pour it into a beautiful bottle.

Also, in recent years, refills have been actively used as packaging for the sale of detergents. To reduce the package’s size, price, and weight, the sale of a highly concentrated product is actively used, which must be diluted with water when poured into the original bottle.

Packaging From Kraft Paper And Cardboard

At the moment, the most environmentally friendly packaging is from kraft paper. It combines the properties of paper and cardboard: flexible and relatively thin, but at the same time quite dense and durable. Such paper is made exclusively from natural materials – low-cooked sulfate pulp from wood raw materials or waste paper.

What are its advantages?

First, kraft paper is guaranteed to decompose in the soil. It rots in it for 2-3 years without causing absolutely no harm to nature. Secondly, burning kraft paper does not release hazardous substances into the atmosphere. And thirdly, it is easy to recycle, which is also important.

Of course, in addition to kraft paper, the packaging is made from ordinary paper and cardboard. It is also relatively safe for the environment. Here are some of the benefits of paper and cardboard packaging:

● Renewable natural resources are used in production;

● Used packaging is recyclable;

● The release and recycling of packaging do not increase the greenhouse effect;

● In the natural environment, the packaging completely decomposes in 3-4 months.

Here are some of the top sustainable packaging trends for 2023. Many manufacturers and companies must already begin to take care of the environment and make their choice in favor of a more gentle way of packaging products. And the fact that this trend is only gaining momentum cannot but rejoice because caring for the environment is our main task.

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