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What is cardboard die cutting?

The cost and production time of a batch of corrugated cardboard packaging depends on several factors. One of them is the standard nature of the box and the availability of a die-cut mold from the manufacturer. For standard models, the factory, in most cases, provides standard die-cutting molds, which means it will take little time to produce a die-cut with non-standard parameters. Plus, the cost of manufacturing a mold according to the client’s technical specifications is included in the cost of production, which must be considered when ordering cardboard boxes wholesale.

Die cutting process

A die is a flat tool with cutting edges to cut out blanks from corrugated cardboard and other materials. The die-cutting method is key in producing packaging and card products and is also used in art and design. 

Main stages of the die-cutting process:

  1. Calculation of the workpiece, which considers the dimensions of the future product, wall thickness, type of corrugated cardboard, shape, and design of the structure. These can be either simple four-valve boxes or packaging with complex configurations.
  2. I am creating a mold. In most cases, the die is made of durable wood or metal; rulers are installed on the working side – cutting elements and blunt knives, the task of which is to form fold lines. To prevent the knives from getting stuck in the cardboard, there is a shock-absorbing rubber edging around the perimeter of the cutting edge.
  3. Equipment setup. The die is mounted on the die-cutting machine and adjusted to obtain the required dimensions and cutting depth.
  4. Felling. A sheet of cardboard is placed on the machine, and the stamp hits the material with a set force, creating a blank for the box.
  5. After cutting, waste and trimmings are removed.

Where is die cutting used?

Die-cutting is a common method of mass production of products when ordering large quantities.

Most often, cutting is used in several industries:

  • Packaging production. Die-cutting allows you to create unique shapes and designs for packaging, making it more attractive and functional. Releasing a batch takes little time thanks to a die-cutting die, and the finished products are identical.
  • Production of advertising. Die-cutting creates advertising banners, signs, brochures, and other materials that attract customers’ attention.
  • Printing. Design postcards, business cards, and other products with original designs are made using cutting.
  • Production of industrial parts, for example, seals.

Die cutting requires high precision and quality. Even a slight inaccuracy can affect the appearance or functionality of the product. Therefore, preparing the design and equipment properly and monitoring the technological process is important.

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