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Why Are Postal Book Packaging Boxes Ideal For E-Commerce?

Postal boxes for packing books are structurally extremely simple. As a rule, they do not cause much interest, because it is just a rectangle of corrugated cardboard! So think those who have not yet realized that this is a great packaging solution for many products in e-commerce.

Let’s face it, most of us have been a little overwhelmed by the speed with which e-commerce has taken over the retail market. Many managers have had to sit down and rethink their approach to packing and shipping orders.

Here are some of the questions they had to ask themselves:

Why is Ultra-Fast Packaging so Important And How Can Mailboxes Help Book Packaging?

Why is Ultra-Fast Packaging so Important And How Can Mailboxes Help Book Packaging

Many managers have come to the conclusion that a large volume of small orders is a common thing for online stores. But the challenge is to keep the cost of packing those orders down.

Time is a very important aspect when packing and shipping small orders. When you add the exponential increase in ROI from increased throughput (and hence turnover) to the cost per hour of a filler, without any additional capital expenditure, the net savings per 60 seconds is significant.
Book post boxes take only 20 seconds to assemble. Compared to a standard carton where you need to seal the bottom to assemble it and the top once it’s filled, the bookcase wins in 2-3 minutes.

What Makes Mail boxes For Book Packaging so Convenient For E-commerce?

There are several things about book packaging that make it possible to fold it so quickly. We’ll take a look at a few of the main reasons why book packaging is so popular with online retailers.

Smooth Wrapping Cycle

Smooth wrapping cycle
The packing process in a book postal box is much easier than in another box. The opening of the internal valves can be done with one movement of both hands. After that, the wrapper is simply folded and the flap is glued with adhesive tape placed inside the book shell.

No Need To Fill Voids

No need to fill voids
The design of the book packing box is very flexible and adjustable in depth, so all your goods fit snugly into the cardboard, leaving no gaps or voids that would otherwise need to be filled to prevent the goods from moving during transit.

Excellent Protection

Excellent protection
Book-packing mailboxes have a built-in crumple zone that provides a buffer between goods and impacts. This means there is no need for additional bubble wrap protection, saving time and money.

Various Types of Post Voxes For Packing Books

There are many different types of book wrapping mailboxes, each doing a different job. Some are more resistant to mechanical shocks, while others close faster and/or offer better value for money. Here are some of the most popular designs:


Twistwrap Twistwrap mailboxes are great for long distance mail because you can staple the inside flaps together. They provide a higher level of security than standard packaging. Numerous cross creasing on the outer flaps add extra strength. Twistwrap style postal wrappers are suitable for sending books, toys, and a range of other online orders.

Amazon Style

Amazon style
These well-designed postal book packaging boxes are used not only by the giant Amazon, but also by many other major e-commerce stores to pack and ship online orders. This packaging solution uses less material and is therefore beneficial not only from a cost-saving point of view, but also from an environmental point of view.

Reinforced Mailboxes With Wrap Around

Reinforced mailboxes with wrap around
Similar to the Amazon style mailbox, these wrap mailboxes have reinforced edges. Reinforcing the edges provides a stronger crumple area and also makes the book packaging mailbox more stackable. This packaging is ideal for heavy items.

Center-Loading Book Mailboxes

Center loading book mailboxes
Center-loading mailboxes provide maximum packing speed and protection. The double-ply faces make these book wrappers very strong and puncture resistant, while the center loading technique allows them to be packed faster. This design uses a little more cardboard and is therefore generally more expensive, but if performance is what you’re looking for, then these mailboxes are your ideal solution.

As you can see, the usual book covers are suitable for packaging various goods. The design feature of such packaging solutions makes them champions in assembly speed. To order mail folders for specific tasks, please contact the Zeer Custom Boxes sales department.

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